• Nightly Roundup #227

    Twilight Sparkle being awesome edition.

    Have some news while we wait for the new episode! Will Applejack pull it off this time? Only time will tell!

    3D Printer Pinkie Pie Timelapse

    I want one of these...

    Ponycast 4

    Another episode! Charge!

    Doctor Whooves Adventures Radio Play Looking for a Composter!

    Have some Copy Paste from Squeak!:

    The Doctor Whooves Adventures Radio Play is looking for a composer to mix up theme song for the upcoming episodes! What we're asking is someone to create a track of no more than thirty seconds, featuring elements from both the MLP and Doctor Who themes to lead into all future installments of the plays. This person will, as a bonus, be allowed to listen to the first episode before it airs, and get a really big hug from the whole team. So, if you like Who, Ponies and all the stuff in between please contact us at [email protected], or comment on the blog post at: Ponyinaboxproductions.wordpress.com (If you don't see it just comment on the newest one.)

    Crazy Pony Sketch Video

    Ponies are totally manly.

    Successful Meetups

    O'Fallon, MO Meetup

    Apparently we posted these guys a few days ago! They updated with an image.

    Zagreb Meetup

    I wish it would snow here!

    Apparently they raided McDonalds and grabbed the pony toys.  Good plan!

    North Texas Meetup

    Apparently they just made a 21 minute long video! A bunch of cool people got interviewed on this one though.  The list includes:

    Rowdy Rough Bronies
    Ponies in Space
    Ask Fluttershy
    Chef Sandy
    8-Bit Mickey


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    New Orleans Meetup

    Where: New Orleans Comic Con
    When: Saturday, January 28th

    South Carolina Facebook Page


     El Paso Group



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Rainbow Dash Blanket
    Spitfire Beanie
    Luna Beanie
    Nurse Redheart Plush

    I Beat Up Batman


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