• Story Updates January 15th (Evening)

    Not a whole lot of story updates coming in, but these have been sitting in the folder since this morning, so posting away!

    Pony Space, and Age of Terra can be found after the break!

    Story: Pony Space (Update Chapter 14!)

    [Crossover][Grimdark] Dead Space and Ponies time!

    Author: OceanLord
    Description: The mysterious theft of a long forgotten treasure from the capital of Canterlot begins a desperate search for the thief and a struggle to preserve life in the world. A dark threat that will require the assistance of a hero from another world.
    Pony Space

    Story: Age of Terra (Update Part 7!)


    Author: Scoopicus

    It's been many millennia since the lord Terra had carved out the realm of the Underworld for the subjects of a tortured world. Now Mason, an extraordinary unicorn with a unique weakness carves out a hollow existence for himself in what he has only ever known as "The City," a land stricken with violence, poverty and corruption. But when a careless mistake brings him close to death and lands him in the hooves of a pacifistic pegasus named Angel, he inadvertently thrusts them both into a world of unimaginable strife... and eventually, a realm beyond the threshold their imaginations.
    Age of Terra


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