• Nightly Roundup #216

    They didn't even try to invite Cheerilee! She is the obvious superior caretaker of the show.  The poor girl feels left out now.

    Have some news while I go try to cheer her up.

    It's Pinkie Pie, Bitch!

    Obvious warning on this one for language!

    Click for Video

    Multiple Sparkly Twilight Blindbag Versions

    Apparently they ran out of Twilight's purple and started using pink. I guess this means they might be worth something in the future?

    Also I want that white pegaus. Guess I'm hitting Wal-mart tomorrow.

    Thanks to Russell for the heads up.

    Attack the Block Facebook Page Posts a PMV

    Ponies invading the world! Check out the page for it here.

    Bronycon Chicago Poll

    I guess they are looking to see how many people would be interested in a Chicago based brony convention. If you think you could attend something like that, hit up this link!

    Fighting is Magic Looking for Rarity Voice Actor

    The people over at Fighting is Magic need a Rarity! If you think you can pull off the most EPIC VOICE EVER, hit up their page!

    Hasbro Senior Web Developer Offering to Assist with Pony Sites

    This is pretty awesome. I don't want her to be bombarded too hard, so I'm putting it here! Someone named Tammy from Hasbro's web development department is offering her services for free to improve various pony sites!

    This would just be a side thing for her, after work or on weekends, and it will be running with a first come, first serve basis. I doubt she will completely build a site for you, but if your in need of a few small tweaks, this might be a good place to find assistance with it!

    Check out the facebook shoutout here!

    Parental Warning on a Pony Episode!

    Direct TV, you so random.

    Cupcakes Animation....

    Yeah, I'm going to get 300 emails about this, so I'm just going to toss it in the roundup!

    It is in fact cupcakes, fully animated, with all the nasty stuff that is included in that.

    Apparently the guy that made it works for Hasbro, but I don't know how accurate that is.

    Check it out here if you are morbidly curious!

    Successful Meetups

    San Antonio Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    The San Antonio Bronies have held several meet-ups at this point, but our Mare-a-thon was, by far, the most successful to date.

    The event started at 12:00 noon at our local anime and apparel shop, Ooples. Everything began with a round of cupcakes and episodes of Friendship is Magic, starting at the very beginning. Every few episodes we would take a break to get everyone to participate in an activity, like Learning to Draw Ponies , Sock-pony making, singing Winter Wrap-Up, pizza, and then Sock Pony act-along with the show.

    By the end of the evening, a record total of 55 bronies attended, and we’re hoping to have even more for our next big brony meet-up.


    DC Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    DC Bronies met up the week after BroNYCon to share how awesome BroNYCon was and of course d'awww all over the new episode...it was messy. We had about 35 attendees with a lot of new faces. And what better cure for stage fright in front of a ton of people you've never met...plushies! We met at the perfectly named Tenley-Friendship library for episode viewing, introductions and chat. Later we invaded Z-burger for appropriately digestible noms (no one tried to eat the tablecloth) and on to taking over the American University lounge. A hand-made Pinkie Pie Party Canon came out and threw confetti everywhere while a group of ponies played games well into the evening. And because we're just that crazy, we're doing it all again next week! You can never have enough ponies!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Xbox Live Clan

    Name: royal,equestrian army
    Info: a casual friendly clan where we talk about things all about mlp fan fics and more
    Contact: Justin wag5 on xbox live

    Boston College Meetup

    When: January 28th 3:00 PM
    Where: Boston College

    Sunday Sac Anime Convention Meetup

    When: Sunday


    Apparently Tara Strong is going to be there!

    Brony Network

    24 hour Pony Marathons/streams!It's absolute madness!

    Check out their intro video

    And stream channel 


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Rainbow Dash Plushie
    Fluttershy Beanie Plush
    Scootaloo Beanie Plush
    Pony Perlers and Beads!

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