• Nightly Roundup #195

    It's roundup time! Lots of neat stuff in this one, it's definitely worth a look.

    For those of you that missed the warning last night:

    Ponyarchive is currently infested with a trojan, do not go there without some form of script blocking.

    To the news!

    Ponies in AV Club's 2011 TV Highlights

    Or Showstoppers if you want to be specific about it. They definitely didn't like our input on it much, but I doubt it would be on the list without the pony craze!

    Check the article out here.


    Cereal made me do it.

    Petition for International iTunes Downloads

    A new petition has popped up to get iTunes downloads of the episodes for those that don't live in the USA. Check it out here!

    Or alternatively, you can try this, though I haven't given it a shot yet. Apparently you can trick iTunes into giving you access to their US store.

    Rainbow Dash Tattoo Video

    I guess the full video sort of makes this the superior one!

    Another SOPA Video

    I guess Nightly Roundups can be SOPA awareness posts. This one sounds a bit conspiracy-theoryish, but I wouldn't discount it entirely on that premise! He does make some really good points.

    I have to question his use of camera angles though. Do we have to be three inches from his face?

    Friendship is Witchcraft Interview!

    I don't want to be biased, but I love me some Friendship is Witchcraft. This is a full two hour interview. Check out the playlist for it here!

    Rowdy Rough Bronies Podcast Christmas Episode


    MLP Episodes Invade Leapfrog

    The Leapfrog App Store currently has access to FiM episodes. Sadly I don't think many in our generation make use of the product, but maybe some kids out there have it? Check out the full press release here!

    Mane 6 Icon Pack

    For those of you out there too lazy to make square icons of your own, Tropius Triforce has created a few for everyone to use. Check them all out here!

    Legend Charity RPG System Adds Ponies

    For all the pen and paper fans out there, the Legends system has added a few pony sections to the mix. Check out the page for them here!

    Computer Controlled Zepplin balanced by... Ponies

    A million uses and counting! Ponies ftw!

    Information on it can be found in the video description.

    Successful Meetups

    Phoenix Meetup

    These dudes meetup so much! They sent a poster to my pre-friendship Twilight Sparkle ass because I'm too busy with EQD to go!

    Check the video out here

    Malaysian Bronies Round 3

    It's like a 24/7 party over there or something. These guys are crazy!

    Check out the video here

    The Writeup here.

    The Gallery here.

    and the Facebook page here!

    I never realized Gallery and Writeup took up the same amount of space! How impressive.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Christchurch Group

    Copy Paste: Hey guys! Hope everyone's okay! So far, the meetup is still on for 7th
    of January. If you guys aren't happy with the idea of hanging out at
    the movies (they do shake a lot, it's true), we can arrange a meetup
    at someone's house or something. Let us know at the facebook page.
    Stay safe and Merry Christmas! (If we get another big shake then
    listen out for a change)



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Paintings!


    1. Thanks for the heads uo about pinyarchive, Seth!

    2. Ah, Jeepers Media. Always looking out for us.

      I love some of his toys as well.

    3. First?
      Also, analazing / reversing Ponyarchive's trojan, i'm pretty curious about brony viruses.

    4. My keyboard.......it hates me.....

      Sup, Rarity?

      Oh nothing, just chillin'

    5. Yay! A roundup!
      Oh, that Rarity pun made my face ache =P And, hey, I can get behind internationally available ponies.

    6. I think you misunderstood AV club's statement. they were saying that the kneejerk reaction against bronies was eclipsing the show.

    7. "Petition for Internation iTunes Downloads"

      um... internation?

      thanks for the SOPA thing.

    8. RarityRarityRarityRarityRarityRarityRarityRarityRarityRarityRarityRarityRarity.....

      I mean um



      Okay, but seriously, that "chilling" video made me face palm and laugh hysterically at the same time. I want to be like, "Oh, how juvenile, hahahah", but... I keep replaying it and laughing so hard. :) Good stuff!

      <3 s to the header image here. Oh Derpy. We love you, you wall-eyed mare.

    9. Ughh, that Rarity video... Seth, please go and punish yourself for allowing such a horrible pun on here. Heh, good roundup, though.

    10. If all that info in that SOPA vid is true, then someone needs to do something about it.

    11. also an update on ponyarchive. it seems the redirect has been removed now, but it's up in the air what was going on.

      I still wouldn't recommend going there for now.

    12. Hmmmm... was there any illegal substance use in the Rarity video???

    13. @Jelfes If he gets punished for every time that he makes a pun.......

    14. Thank you for posting the SOPA thing I sent you! I know that one may not have a whole lot of sources but it helps to make people aware of the effects a bill like that might have on the internet. If EQD went down because of it, I don't know what I'd do!

    15. I laughed more than I should have at the Rarity video. But then again I would be the type to find a simple pun hilarious

    16. Anything to stop SOPA is a win as well as make ponies available north of the border.

    17. And in other news, Alex S has his channel back.

    18. Also, lol @ ditzy delivering mail to the TF2's Postal Pummeler. Me thinks that's the pyro's house?

    19. Rarity's chillin' in the background!

      Also: nice set of news. I'm still wishing there was some sort of Denver based meetup, though.

    20. bah! Too busy my ass, Seth you have 2 other people who can help you and im sure if it came to it, bronies can go a few hours without news

    21. Chilling in the Background. Did I just witness the birth of a meme?

    22. Yeah, I saw many people commenting on the Ponyarchive site and it seeming to be messed up now. I haven't checked it out myself and that's the way it's going to stay. lol

      The A.V. Club simply said peoples reaction to the "bronie" craze kinda overtook and shadowed the show itself. I guess meaning that some people were more focused on this community and shrugging off the show because they thought it weird or odd. And that it was so unfortunate because the show is of such god quality.

      "Hey look everypony. Rarity is "chillin'" in the background." Doh ho ho! /facehoof

      Ah, I figured someone would start a petition for international iTunes downloads. It's a good idea. I don't know if it will actually work or not. But it's worth a shot at least. Worst that can happen is it doesn't work I suppose.

      Ah, that's a pretty cool Dash tattoo. I love those pony heart pieces. And even a video to accompany it. Nice. If I end up getting a pony tattoo, I may have to record it as well. I'm still scared though. Worried in ten years I'm going to end up regretting it. lol I know, I know. Regret getting a pony tattoo?! But yes. :P

      I didn't watch the SOPA video. Again. lol I'm not getting myself too over-worked about it since I don't really have any say in it. But I'm still wagering on it not getting passed in all honesty.

      Ooh, Friendship is Witchcraft interview. One of my two favorite abridged series. :)

      Icon set, nice. They're cute. :3

      Ah, looks like one of those RC blimps I've seen. Except tweaked a bit and reprogrammed. With ponies strapped to it. lol Needs to look more like a whale though of course. ;)

    23. Awake for a nightly round-up? Gotta love winter break!

    24. @LostSaint72
      I personally would do exactly the same what EqD did when PonyArchive was taken down - I'd mock them with a silly pic and send emails saying that nobody has anything to do with EqD anymore.

      2 things:
      PonyArchive seems not to be redirecting to trojan anymore but it was always happening after some time. Better don't go there if you have no antivir soft.
      These guys are pretty mad. Can't blame them - on their place I would also feel betrayed and abandoned.

      The method of bypassing iTunes regional limitations is illegal. As all things that are meant to cheat the seller. Isn't that obvious? Such accounts can be suspended at any moment and their owners can forget about all the content they've bought there. Don't count on refunds.

    25. @Kyronea

      there was one last saturday, and one on wednesday, there's a colorado brony facebook page and forum site with info.

    26. @FluttershyIsBestPonySoDealWithIt

      ...oh. Oh dear. I missed it.

      Still, thanks for letting me know. Now I can know for future stuff.

    27. Yet another reason why UW's CSE program is so appealing: get in, and you can ballast blimps with pony.

      I'm not bitter about not getting in at all. What are you talking about?

    28. Nice news, that Rarity video though, oh dear.

      That Itunes petition is a god idea and the ability to make a US account anywhere might be useful, if a bit risky.

      I'm still stuck locked to the region the gift card I was given is from though, so i'd have to wait and see.

    29. AV Club said "over hyped brony phonemon". Sounds liek brony bashing to me!

    30. @Adrian Brony

      Confirmed the HTML redirect is gone... for now...
      After that fiasco though, I'll never trust them. They should just shut down and stop wasting a perfectly good server for hate. It only costs them money, tarnishes the brony name, and is just plain sad.

      If you see MLP DVDs, buy them. Doesn't matter if you ever watch them. The sales figures are what are needed to make box sets happen. Buy them and donate them to a toy drive or a charity based thrift store. Share the pony! Add these to your collection to give yourselves a legal copy of the episodes on your hard drive. I have STACKS of anime DVDs in plastic, cause I have the subbed files on my computer. I have the complete Galaxy Express 999 TV series on DVD, for example... I can't watch them, due to language and region restrictions, but I like having a legally owned and licensed copy of them to back up my downloaded files. That's just how I roll.

      Buy the DVDs, even if you think they are lame. It's the ONLY way that we will see a good DVD release or ever have a remote chance of a BluRay release.

      BluRay is the future of home video media, but dang it! DVDs haven't died yet, so they are still impeding the adoption of BluRay for cheap media releases and children's media releases.

    31. @Spongey444

      If you think that's bad I wouldn't suggest taking a look at the comments ^^

    32. DJ Alex S. GOT HIS CHANNEL BACK!!! Don't know if this is old news or not but it feels damn good to hear his music again!

    33. Did New York move to Malaysia? Because that is certainly a picture of The Big Apple.

    34. Don't worry, Seth. I totally believe that Cereal made you post that.

      And who doesn't like Friendship is Witchcraft? I mean, the whole thing is so awesome, and everyone's very talented and APPLES APPLES APPLES APPLES APPLES APPLES.

    35. I signed that international petition as soon as my brain processed the words "international" and "iTunes". I made sure to write that there is absolutely no legal way to watch new episodes of the show in Canada because even Treehouse TV insists on only re-broadcasting old Season 1 episodes. Some are censored, too, but that's besides the point.

    36. Also, since I saw others doing it -- Looking for Brampton, Ontario meetups (if any).

    37. @richfiles "Tarnish", funny you should say that. It's like the Brony name wasn't already "tarnished".

      "[Buy the DVDs,] doesn't matter if you ever watch them." Do you realize how mindless that sentence is?

      Squandering money in the mere hope that Hasbro releases a season box set is, in my opinion, a bad move.
      Since new physical media is way overpriced and definitely not worth the buy if the stuff is already available in digital form for free or a relatively more economical price (YT, iTunes, torrents, you name it).

      Nothing can beat the convenience of Digital content. Afraid to lose it? Buy a pack of blank DVDs or BluRays and back your stuff up for way less money than buying all of the show's DVDs.

      I understand that physical media still has legs to kick with, yet that's no excuse to be making needless or mindless expenses. Make a petition for a box set, it's the way smarter thing to do.

    38. The tatt is awsome But my tatt is her cutie mark

    39. Petition for international ponies, the petition automatically assumes users are in the USA, gives a tiny link to sign from anywhere else in the world, which doesn't even work in Firefox. The entire site is crappy in Firefox. Also it needs your address. No thank you.

      About tricking the iTunes system to buy from other countries: don't let this make you feel like you're not breaking rules, because you are. Almost certainly the iTunes contract, maybe some other rules. There is no fully legit way to get the eps in the UK, so you might as well just pirate them until they get their act together.

    40. Talk about cold shoulder Rarity. Finally Ponies are coming to Portugal Mc Donalds ^^ Aleuia!

    41. Just a quick reality-check.

      It's the show's producers, NOT APPLE, which decide which markets the show may appear in. Apple would be very happy to have income from all over the world, but they can't if Hasbro Studios doesn't allow it.

      Why wouldn't Hasbro Studios allow it, then?

      Ownership. Hasbro Studios might not own the distribution rights to MLP:FIM in every country; those rights might have been signed away in a contract involving previous generations of MLP videos years ago. They might not own the rights to all the characters (go read some of Faust's discussions on the matters of naming). Specific nations often have laws that would force Hasbro to give up rights that could affect the legal standing of MLP (not just the FIM show; the whole franchise) elsewhere.

      Any property that is as big as MLP, that has been around as long as MLP, and which has been marketed worldwide as extensively as MLP is going to become tangled in an enormously complex legal mess. Things are never as simplistic as inexperienced people seem to think they are, seldom as malicious as the conspiracy-theorists seem to hope they are, and cannot be resolved as quickly as anybody wants.

      Screaming like someone of the targeted age demographic isn't going to speed things up or lend any credence to the idea that there's an "adult market" for MLP:FIM.

    42. That Rarity joke was so terrible that I had to laugh like a hyena for about five minutes while simultaneously lamenting how lame it was. Why must these horrible puns make me laugh so?

    43. "Hey, Rarity is chilling in the background." Face meet hoof. Such an awful joke.

      Av Club didn't seem like they had that much against us in the piece. It was more like they disliked how everything is focusing on us instead of the show.

    44. Bronies? A distraction from the show. All those incredibly creepy and ship-happy Supernatural fan-girls? No mention!

    45. @milleniummaster18

      exclusive conten on physical media is pretty good at evening the playing field...

    46. @pixelkitties
      nonono, they were saying that the kneejerk reaction everyone was having to bronies was distracting

    47. Seems like a lot of these people in support of the SOPA bill are a bunch of hypocrites who are now trying to look good. The problem is, this bill will kill the internet as we know it.

    48. Yeah, AV Club's been pretty sympathetic towards the whole pony thing, so I think they're just saying that the media coverage has been more "Hey, grown-ups watch this", rather than "Hey, this show's surprisingly decent".

      Really looking forward to the FiW interview. I still haven't heard the show yet, but I'm a little obsessed with Pinkie's Brew and the Orphanage Song.

    49. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for spreading that SOPA video

    50. I hate SOPA as much as the rest of you, but this guy just takes things to the extreme and gives all of the outlying minorities of copyright infringement government intervention.

    51. @Maquabra
      "...and their owners can forget about all the content they've bought there."
      So back it up?

    52. @richfiles
      I've honestly never used Blu-Ray and don't know anyone who has. Future of home video media? Nahh, I think the'll skip a generation and go straight to the high-capacity HVDs.

    53. So THAT's where the viruses came from! Good to know... At least they were of the variety that were dumb enough that they forgot to close the window's task manager AND left you with the ability to access your hard drive through the usual channels. Yes, it wiped most of the registry (specifically making it so that you couldn't run any .exe's or turn on the firewall), but it left you with the ability to go in and manually delete the obvious crud, then antivirus the rest. tl;dr - I shall be staying far away from Pony Archive from now on.

    54. Looks like Rarity...
      *puts on sunglasses*
      ...is 20% cooler.

    55. Hey you forgot to add Flutterjuice to the poll.
      I would have voted for Flutterjuice.

    56. A little bubbly but it is ironic. Sucks for you media corporations, actions have consequences, now deal with it without ruining our lives.

    57. @Adrian Brony

      "eclipsed by ridicule of the media-hyped 'bronie' phenomenon"

      nah, I still think they're casting the whole brony thing in a negative light. apparently we're "media-hyped", implying that perhaps the fandom isn't as genuine as it seems.
      they're not criticizing us brony fans per se, just the phenomenon and the media's portrayal of it

    58. @milleniummaster18
      I'd love a box set just as much if not more than the average Brony, but I realise that with production costs and whatnot, international iTunes availability is something more likely to actually happen.

      @Sgt Byrd
      Well I'm the guy that started the petition, and I haven't entered my address (I merely put that I was in Australia, and my Post Code). It's optional. The site works fine for me in Chrome though I had no issues when I tried it in Firefox. So stop whining and sign the dang thing ;)

    59. I laugh at the virus message because I use Linux HAHAHA ;)

    60. @Blott

      I'd love to sign it (I'll even turn on Internet Explorer if I have to), but it won't let me sign without address, the address boxes all turn red and nag at me.

      This is what I see:

      Link to Photobucket image

      Surprised you got it to work in Firefox, I'm on latest release channel version (9.0.1), when I click the "Outside US" link, the page just refreshes.

      I'm not whining :P

    61. >Rarity Video....

      good god, my palm is stuck to my face again!

      someone fetch the crowbar!

    62. @Sgt Byrd

      Dang, that's super annoying. I'm sure it has something to do with Firefox, though I assume you've tried Chrome? When I tried I was using version 7 (outdated perhaps, but Chrome is my main browser) on OSX, so I guess we can't really compare our tests accurately.

      On another note, I doubt that all of the current 420 people who have signed would have entered their full details... So I'm sure it has something to do with the Browser. I reckon you should send that screenshot along to them via their feedback form and describe your problem.

      And well played - Rarity is best pony :D

    63. @Blott

      I don't have Chrome installed, I refuse to install it, Google bundle it with a stupid updater and install a Firefox addon without asking permission. Not a fan of software that takes such liberties.

      I'll submit my error to their feedback thing.

      Rarity isn't best pony, Fluttershy is (Rarity's whine attack was super effective, though).

    64. @Sgt Byrd

      Well if you're so avidly against Chrome (each to his own, I won't make a noise about it) perhaps it would be worth dusting the cobwebs off IE and seeing if it can handle it... Best of luck!

    65. @Adrian Brony A leap of faith, basically, since not all physical media comes with quality exclusive content. Collector's items may have some value, yet it's sometimes not worth the difference in price, images can be scanned, videos can be captured, any media branded as exclusive content is inevitably going to end up in the internet for free, be it via YouTube or through the producer's website.

      Granted, someone would have to actually buy the thing to do the things mentioned above, for the greater good.

    66. Mike is so awesome, putting hes soul into this to help us! <3

    67. Regarding that petition...

      After careful consideration I have decided to restart it on my own website which I will be setting up as www.mylittlepetition.com.

    68. @Blott

      Yup, that's what I was trying in the image I linked to, using IE. The page worked, but it kept demanding address. Their help people say that address is always compulsory for their petitions to verify that each signature is unique.

      Glad to see you're doing it on your own website, I'm getting a 403 forbidden error when trying to access it, though.

    69. @Blott
      Will the signatures on the old petition be carried over? And will the new petition be up soon? People aren't going to keep checking back to see if it's ready yet. They'll just give up after the first failure.

      Also, on the subject of addresses: it's fairly important that people do provide some personal details or registration information when signing a petition. It's trivially easy to generate fake names by the thousands, and Internet petitions that consist of unverified signatures get ignored for the simple reason that they prove nothing.

    70. @Computer Controlled Zepplin balanced by... Ponies

      Does it in anyway contain LEDs?

      ....what that video had at least TWO refrences in it, though one of them was a bit of one fewer would get. *coughdemyxisbestorganizationthriteencough*

    71. @Alkev I haven't seen anything! =O Where did you seem them? I'm from near Lisbon.