• Nightly Roundup #195

    It's roundup time! Lots of neat stuff in this one, it's definitely worth a look.

    For those of you that missed the warning last night:

    Ponyarchive is currently infested with a trojan, do not go there without some form of script blocking.

    To the news!

    Ponies in AV Club's 2011 TV Highlights

    Or Showstoppers if you want to be specific about it. They definitely didn't like our input on it much, but I doubt it would be on the list without the pony craze!

    Check the article out here.


    Cereal made me do it.

    Petition for International iTunes Downloads

    A new petition has popped up to get iTunes downloads of the episodes for those that don't live in the USA. Check it out here!

    Or alternatively, you can try this, though I haven't given it a shot yet. Apparently you can trick iTunes into giving you access to their US store.

    Rainbow Dash Tattoo Video

    I guess the full video sort of makes this the superior one!

    Another SOPA Video

    I guess Nightly Roundups can be SOPA awareness posts. This one sounds a bit conspiracy-theoryish, but I wouldn't discount it entirely on that premise! He does make some really good points.

    I have to question his use of camera angles though. Do we have to be three inches from his face?

    Friendship is Witchcraft Interview!

    I don't want to be biased, but I love me some Friendship is Witchcraft. This is a full two hour interview. Check out the playlist for it here!

    Rowdy Rough Bronies Podcast Christmas Episode


    MLP Episodes Invade Leapfrog

    The Leapfrog App Store currently has access to FiM episodes. Sadly I don't think many in our generation make use of the product, but maybe some kids out there have it? Check out the full press release here!

    Mane 6 Icon Pack

    For those of you out there too lazy to make square icons of your own, Tropius Triforce has created a few for everyone to use. Check them all out here!

    Legend Charity RPG System Adds Ponies

    For all the pen and paper fans out there, the Legends system has added a few pony sections to the mix. Check out the page for them here!

    Computer Controlled Zepplin balanced by... Ponies

    A million uses and counting! Ponies ftw!

    Information on it can be found in the video description.

    Successful Meetups

    Phoenix Meetup

    These dudes meetup so much! They sent a poster to my pre-friendship Twilight Sparkle ass because I'm too busy with EQD to go!

    Check the video out here

    Malaysian Bronies Round 3

    It's like a 24/7 party over there or something. These guys are crazy!

    Check out the video here

    The Writeup here.

    The Gallery here.

    and the Facebook page here!

    I never realized Gallery and Writeup took up the same amount of space! How impressive.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Christchurch Group

    Copy Paste: Hey guys! Hope everyone's okay! So far, the meetup is still on for 7th
    of January. If you guys aren't happy with the idea of hanging out at
    the movies (they do shake a lot, it's true), we can arrange a meetup
    at someone's house or something. Let us know at the facebook page.
    Stay safe and Merry Christmas! (If we get another big shake then
    listen out for a change)



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Paintings!

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here