• Community Streams Tonight! + Filly

    Tons of stuff will be happening today for pretty much every type of entertainment lover.  It doesn't have to be pony to be fun! (Usually, don't kill me.)

    Above you will find Bronystate's usual Friday marathon, with a bit extra thrown in.

    And others after the break, because that's a ton of copy paste.

    Commentary Theater: 

    Hey Everypony its time for Commentary Theatre, and Welcome my friends to Christmas Crap month!

    This week, I saved this movie for last...and I'm not telling it! if you want to know what it is, you just have to come and see what it is!

    but the mane (pun) reason your reading this is because we are doing a pony marathon!!!
    thats right, fan favorites, 7 episodes total

    here is the info you need!

    Time: 2:00 pm eastern (Friday, December 23)

    pre show at: 1:55 PM

    Place: Livestream

    Co Host: DespisedAndBeloved

    Movie: [Surprise movie]

    Marethon Synchtube Channel

    PG Marethon Stream
    R Rated Marethon Stream

    When: 5:30PM eastern time (-5) 3:30 Equestria Daily Time (So Arizona Time)

    Midnight Run Returns

    Well guys it's been a while. As most of you know the Midnight Run was deleted over the pony hold video that we had ( i know right!). Livestream would give back the channel but wanted personal info of everyone involved with the channel which I did not agree with. So what has Tom been up to? Well making the MR even better and what better way to showcase the new channel? A party, Pinkie Pie style. Tune in at our new stream http://www.twitch.tv/midnightrun11 and join in by voting on your favorite episodes to see and DJ  Vinyl Scratch will be on hand after the videos streaming your favorite tracks! Then on Christmas eve tune into our Christmas special with more pony videos of your choice and music, Plus one viewer will win their choice of a tee or a bag* from we love fine. It all starts at 8:30 eastern both days!


    *sweat shirts not included and only on MLP themed items and only on welovefine.com page. International viewers not eligible


    Filly Synchtube Mare-a-thon

    When: 5:00 PM

    What: Marathoing Season 1


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