• Episode Followup: Baby Cakes

    It's that time of the week again! Pinkie Pie rarely gets her own episodes, but when she does, you can bet it will be absolutely crazy.  This was no exception.

    I did make the mistake of watching it while half asleep.  The combination of Pinkie's even-more-hyper than-usual voice, and the foals crying, definitely didn't mix well in that state! I ended up watching it a second time once I woke up, and it was much more enjoyable. I think that is a useful lesson for future party pony episodes!

    On with the followup, after the break!

    This one starts off with all sorts of canon building additions.  We find out that great great great great grandfathers and long lost uncles can in fact contribute their pegasus/unicorn genes down several generations.  Both the cakes are earth ponies, so I guess they lucked out?

    We also find out early on that Unicorn foals sometimes surge their magic.  Later on in the episode this is pretty apparent with the portal opening and super strangth.  Padlocks ain't got nothin on a foal.  

    Episode followups aren't about summarizing things though! On to characters!  First off, Nurse Redheart gets a pretty nice spotlight in the intro this time around.  I'm sure we will see all sorts of new art and fanon pop up.  He previous air time has been pretty empty.

    The foals themselves, Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake, may or may not end up as owlicious level characters.   We see sugarcube corner a lot, so I wonder if they will become a permanent backdrop in there for future episodes?

    Onward to crazyness!

    First off, we have some very familiar looking foals in the fertility ward.  I've recieved so many ZOMG TRIXIE AND RARITY ARE FOALS emails, I had to toss something in here.  I suppose they just decided to borrow their color schemes, because both have the best combinations.  There is also a Derpy colored one later on, but it's a unicorn, so probably unrelated.

     As is the norm for Pinkie Pie episodes (all two of them), something creepy just has to happen! This time around, we what appears to be an Exorcist reference, though I'm sure a whole bunch of horror movies could fit the mold. 

     We also have a painting of a...human?  Or a gingerbread man?  It's a mystery!

    And finally on to the music!

    We have two very short songs this time around.  I'm sure they will be remixed like crazy though.  Hell a few already have popped up

    And just in case you all missed the links yesterday:

    Oink Oink Oink

    HD Versions for your mixing pleasure.

    And finally, I leave you with a Diddy Kong Racing mashup, because, why not?

    And mini-madness