• Story: The Birth of Harmony (Update Sequel Complete!)


    Author: AugieDog
    Description: If "The Birth of Harmony" tells how Celestia, Luna, and Cadance first arrive in Equestria in answer to Clover the Clever's call, then "Calling You" continues the story by detailing Cadance's life helping her Aunt Celestia during the thousand years of her aunt Luna's banishment.
    The Birth of Harmony
    Calling You (New Part 12!)

    Additional Tags: AU, canon-fodder, all three princesses


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    2. Looks interesting enough. I'll have to catch up on one other fic then I'll give this one a go.

    3. *Reads tags*

      *Three* princesses?
      Err, okay, I doubt Discord is female, nor would he make for a princess... XD ^^;

    4. Three...? If this has Laruen as a alicorn, I'm reading.

    5. The third is probably Cadence. Not sure if want.

    6. It's Cadence. NOOO Y U NO HAVE FAUST!

      Actualy, it seems pretty good so far. I'll have to wait for a few updates to pass, it's to short now.

    7. Nice. I like this idea.

      Though i believe Cadence won´t be the last alicorn we´ll see in MLP.^^

    8. What I took from this story was the nifty way Discord was described. I never even thought of his chaotic presence bringing weird orders with him. Though with all the crazy sound effects that he creates just by clapping his hands, it makes sense.

      Uh, oh. Hope Discord doesn't see that...

      Keeping an eye on this!

    9. @Kitsunekun VII
      Well, it's just gonna be 2 parts, so if all goes well, you'll be able to see where it's going next weekend at this time.


    10. Ive gotta say, i love the idea. And its pretty well written too.
      Nice job :)

    11. I have to agree with the above comments that this is quite well written, both technically and descriptively. I enjoyed Discord's random smells and the actions you showed us - very chaotic and suitably epic for our favorite tyrant.

      I do have one complaint, though, that the summoning of the three Princesses seemed a little too...easy. They gathered up and then just summoned the Princesses like it was nothing. I think this would have been better had it been a longer quest to find a spell to summon the alicorns to Equestria.

      Still, regardless of that, since this is a short short, I suppose I can't complain, if that makes sense. I enjoyed reading it so far and that's all that matters.

      Can't wait for the second part. :)

    12. Nice idea, but not really digging the writing style.

    13. Interesting, this is the first fanfic I've read with Cadence.

    14. @Sammykh
      It's another alicorn that will most likely appear later in the show.

      Well, I don't like the idea of ponies creating the alicorns. Something like summoning them is a little bit better, I think.
      But I do like the story and the writing. So I hope for an epic second part ! :D

    15. This is one origin story I gotta check out.

    16. I like how you're writing Discord, but I dunno if I'm going to keep reading. The pacing's off...

      Perfect Line: "I firmly believe that any ruler who doesn't have at least a dozen rebellions brewing against him isn't worth talking about"

    17. Oh boy...this won't be fun...
      Review time: When I saw a new story from AugieDog, I was really excited. I loved Half the Day is Night. It was a great story with great dialogue. I saw the premise on this one, and I thought that it was going to be awesome. I was somewhat disappointed. The dialogue was solid. I enjoyed listening to the characters speak. Discord was fun. He had one of the most memorable quotes I've encountered in the pony fan fic universe (Look at the posts above for it). Pansy and Cookie were some fun too. Clover's rambling wasn't as great, but it was still believable. The story premise itself though just struck me as flimsy. I know that we don't have the history between the events of hearth's warming and the appearance and defeat of Discord. I know that this is completely up to an author's imagination and that it is a difficult task to come up with a good idea. I get these things. I just do not think that this particular idea was ready for writing. I really dislike the use of a spontaneous event saving the day. Liberal use of deus ex machina ruins just about any story. In the episode focusing on these ponies, they by chance are able to save the day. We're up to one use. Acceptable. I can believe that it happens once. Now we get to the story. Recycle that device and use it to summon new characters to solve the problem. That's the second use. Little miffed here, but still bearing with it. Uses same device in the next chapter to summon elements of harmony to beat Discord: more than a little herpy over here. Continual use of that device just underwhelms the audience. It's just not becoming of a great author to do this over and over. That's my major gripe about this story. The other thing that got me is the fact that it just happens so quickly that we do not even get settled in before things just start happening. It feels as if we cannot keep up with events. There is very little done to establish the characters, and that just irks me a bit.
      Final score: 2.8-3.0 stars out of 5.
      I like AugieDog as an author. Maybe I just made the mistake of comparing this story to his previous work. It was just not nearly as strong. Perhaps I judged this story harshly, but I don't think so.
      AugieDog, I hate to give you a less than favorable review. I'm sorry, but there were legitimate problems with the story that I couldn't ignore.

    18. @TwinkiePinkie
      Quite all right--not every story's gonna work for every reader, and since this one's kind of based on the idea that Clover's magical ability essentially is the use of the deus ex machina, well, like you say, it's gonna be a little problematic... :)


    19. AugieDog! So glad to see you've returned to us! Or at least that you've been lurking, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

      Either way, awesome little tale. You have this wonderful knack for characterization that really carries your stories. For what it's worth, you knocked Discord out of the park.

      I thought the story itself was nice, but it seemed deserving of a bit more than you seemed to give it; and that's not to say you didn't put everything you had into it, rather that you didn't give your story (IMO) enough time to develop. I really wish it had been longer, if only to give it more depth. One of the reasons I love fanfics is that it gives the story a chance to develop far beyond what 22 minutes of a show can often allow, and here you seem to have given your own story that same limitation.

      That said, solid 4/5. It is really nice to see one of the greats coming back with more stories, (can I say that I loved Half the Day is Night!) I hope you've got more waiting in the wings, I really love your style of writing; simplicity done beautifully, with just enough intrigue to keep the reader fully invested. Thanks mate...



    20. @lesserpoet
      Yeah, more time to hammer this all together would've been nice: I had about a week between other projects and wanted to get it posted before the Princess Cadence episode rendered all my ideas moot. It was a fun story to write, though!