• December Draw Off Results!

    Time to party everypony, the Draw Off results are finally in! Thank you all for your patience over the past month while we got around to judging. It was quite daunting to comb over the 800+ entries we had, but we have narrowed it down to the top three in each category. Sadly we had to eliminate many great entries and if I could I would have given prizes to so many others! You all are a great bunch and have made this event greater than anything I could ever have envisioned. I'm proud as punch of all of you!

    Before we get to the winners I would like to thank my fellow staff members at EqD for hosting this event and I would also like to extend thanks to Fetchbeer, Larrz, Peperoger, and Jopoho of Know Your Meme for helping during the pre-planning phase of the event. Extra thanks also for the help provided by Captain64 and Garrett Gilchrist for suggestions and questions that helped make this event a much more pleasant experience!

    Without further ado, as I'm sure you're tired of my jibber-jabbing, the contest winners! Check them out after the break!

    Update: Thank you all that wrote in and made us aware of your concerns over the Traditional category. We believe we have resolved the situation so check out the traditional section for changes we made to the lineup.

    Comics Cateogry Winners:
    1st Place: Cenit-V
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    2nd Place: Spartan19

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    3rd Place: Uc77

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    Vector/Pixel Category
    1st Place: Empty-10

    2nd Place: BlackGryph0n

    3rd Place: Charlesgamer

    Tradional Artwork Category
    1st Place: Failduck

    2nd Place: Ayzuki

    3rd Place: Kevinsano

    Hand Drawn Digital Category
    Before getting into this category I must say that this one was especially hard to judge. A lot of great artwork was submitted for this category and it was painful having to cut what we did. To compensate a little we have included the 4th and 5th place runner ups to give them some attention!

    1st Place: Jiayi

    Click for Epic!
    2nd Place: Br0ny

    3rd Place: FruitBloodMilkShake

    4th Place Runner Up: Sakuyamon (PK loved the heck out of this one!)

    5th Place Runner Up: Br0ny


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