• Nightly Roundup #228

    Ponies in socks are the best possible things.

    Have a nightly roundup!

    Romanian Winter Wrap Up

    Niagra News Posts Pony

    Check out the article here!

    Bronies On Saturday Radio Episode X

    Find it here!

    Saturdays With BronyBros Vlog

    Yep! Another group.  Find it here

    The Thessalonca Legacy Physical Book

    I should convert EQD into a fanfiction publishing house.  We could totally pull it off!

    Have more images here

    Through the Eyes of Another Pony Project Seeking Help

    For those out there with some voice acting talent that are fans of Through the Eyes of Another Pony, another project needs more! Find the information on it here!

    UK Radio Posts Pony Census

    Another news group snagged some pony!  Find it here.

    Ponies Meet Adventure Time Moral + Ponies take over THE WALL Mural

    Click for More
    That's a pretty hardcore mural!

    I'll take six.

    My Little Fortress Part 2!

    The second chapter of My Little Fortress has been completed! Have some TF2 and Pony Crazyness below

    Successful Meetups

     Boston Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    We had a pretty awesome meetup at Boston College today!  We had somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 ponies, though, as always, it's hard to get an accurate count -- we can blame nine of them on the cars that came up from New York.  Our group photo is attached.  Not too happy with the quality, but I forgot to check my camera's batteries before the meetup, so we made do.

    Activities included Rock Band with pony songs, viewing the latest "Friendship is Witchcraft" and today's episode, eating of chimicherrychangas, a test run of HoodedYellowPony's tabletop pony game under development, and a presentation from Coder Brony on the data from his "State of the Herd" census relating specifically to New England and Massachusetts.  Interesting fact: compared to the rest of the world, we do *not* like Twilight Sparkle.

    Houston TX Meetup

    These guys have a video!

     Toronto Meetup

    Mexico Meetup

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    UAE Brony Group


    WoW Guild

    Guild Name: Maximum Brohoof
    Realm: Deathwing (PvP)
    Faction: Horde
    Contact Bwg, Darkmiroku, or Firelilli to join.

    El Paso Texas Meetup

    7420 North Mesa Street
    El Paso, TX 79912

    This the address.

    Info: The meetup will be held at Golden Coral
    1:00pm, 2/5/2012 Sunday

    PlanB: Will be the Cici's down the street

    Savannah Bronies



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    Big Mac
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    Pinkie Pie Plush
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