• The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000: Episode Followup

    Two Applejack episodes in a row, and they both turned out okay!

    Excluding Derpy's surprise appearance in the first one, these were two pretty solid episodes, even if this one was a bit more contained in terms of locale and consequences. I'm tempted to call it a slice-of-life episode, so I think that's what I'll stick with as far as a label is concerned. We got some new background ponies out of the deal, at least one not-so-overt pop culture reference, and probably the best letter to Celestia I've heard in the entire series.

    Let's make some cider!

    With the exception of the very beginning sequence with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, the entire episode was contained to that few square meters in front of the cider stand and the field behind it. Not a good or a bad thing, but interesting to note.

    This episode was a goldmine of amusing faces from Dash. She just gets shafted throughout the entire episode! It was really funny to watch. Have a few more.

    Is this some kind of cruel joke?

    I love you again, Rainbow Dash.

    The two characters that drove the plot today were Flim and Flam. I'm not sure which is which, if we're honest. I don't think it matters much. All I can say is that their manes remind me of either toothpaste or cartoon bacon. Either way, it's probably delicious.

    Okay, sorry, one more Dash. I love her faces so much.

    I know we've been told the technology level of Equestria is just whatever the writers need it to be at the time, so I won't pick at this machine too much. I just wanted to point out one thing that was interesting- if it's comparing apples one by one, how is it any quicker than Granny Smith, who was pretty much doing the exact same thing at the exact same speed, if not quicker? Are there more internals we can't see? Is that part just for show?

    I'm being picky, sorry. It's cause I love this show.

    If this isn't a reference, I'll eat my horseshoes.

    Another thing I noted is that we heard the words 'cent' and 'bit' used in the same scene. Was that intentional, or did someone derp? Again, yes, picky, but it was interesting.

    I know I said it already, but this was the best letter to Celestia I've heard, simply because it played with the formula that we're familiar with so well, and it showed actual character development for Applejack, which is something she's sorely needed for a long time.

    That's all Cereal has to say- let's look at some community-submitted stuff!

    Excited Lyra spotted!

    Derpy spotted!

    New background ponies! Anyone want to name them?

    Next episode: Applejack on the moon.

    Later, ponies!