• Story Updates December 16th (Evening)

    We have received so many crossovers of Nightmare Before Christmas.  I think this is a new record.

    Have some story updates!

    Story: By the Unfaltering Light of the Sky (Update Chapter 10!) 

    4 Star


    Author: CandleEyes
    Description: As night falls over Equestria, our gloomy cast reflects on their troubled lives and find happiness may not be so unreachable an outcome as they had previously thought.
    By the Unfaltering Light of the Sky

    Story: Guardians (Update Story 2 Part 6!) 

    4 Star


    Author: WarHorse72
    Description: Twilight always knew the military wasn't wanted by most ponies. But it takes a trip to Stalliongrad going wrong for her to realize just how much they kept order and safety in Equestria regardless.

    Story: Empty Skies (Update Part 2!) 

    Need Star

    [Adventure][Light Grimdark]

    Author: Heliostorm
    Description: A thousand years ago, Nightmare Moon made a deal with the stars: to let them rule Equestria in eternal night in exchange for breaking her free from her prison on the moon. But when Nightmare Moon was defeated by the Elements of Harmony, she could no longer fulfill her end of the bargain, and neither Celestia nor Luna have any intention of letting the stars dominate their world. Now the stars have arrived to take what was promised to them—by any means necessary...
    Empty Skies

    Story: The Nightmare After Nightmare Night (Update Chapter 3!) 

    5 Star


    Author: Saddlesoap Opera
    Description: It was some time ago, but not too long, you see?
    In a place that perhaps you have seen on TV.

    For this story spans places far from pedestrian,
    Crossing spooky and dark with bright and Equestrian.

    Now, you may be asking how that crossing was done.
    If you are not, I'd say it's time you begun!
    The Nightmare After Nightmare Night


    Story: Fillystata (Update Story 2 Part 11!) 

    4 Star

    [Grimdark][Shipping] I usually avoid Grimdark like the plague, but due to reasons completely out of my control, I gave it a shot anyway.  I was completely hooked after just two chapters, and the nightly roundup ended up an hour late because of it! This story is just straight up awesome. Anyway have a pre-reader quote too!

    "A terrifying suspenseful and gripping tale, portraying the sinister side of magic" - Pre-reader with a WoW name.

    Author: Adcoon
    Description: During the festivities of the Fabulous Fabled Filly Fair held in the village of Dappleshore, Twilight Sparkle stumbles upon something from her family's past and is drawn to investigate its dark ties to her. Will she succumb to its sinister power, and will Trixie and Luna be able to set their differences aside to help her when her friends are gone?
    Fillystata Links Below