• Nightly Roundup #188

    Fluttershy is best christmas pony.

    Have some news.

    Latin Winter Wrap Up

    Time for more Winter Wrap Up! Charrge.

    More Guest Appearences at BroNYCon

    Copy Pasta:
    BroNYCon is pleased to announce appearances by even more amazing brony artists and musicians! Just added to the ever-growing list of amazing guests are artists Egophiliac and Garrett Gilchrist, as well as musicians Foogogz and Omnipony. So what are you waiting for? Go RSVP today!

    Hasbro Job Position Filled

    Well, that was fast! Looks like Hasbro's Senior Global Brand Marketing Manager position was already filled! That or we ended up flooding it with applications and they had to close it. Who knows!

    Ponies Invade Runescape

    Wow, those graphics are a lot better than I remember.  Ultima Online was still way better though!

    Uh oh... incoming nostalgia.  Confound it...  Nothing beats Ultima.    

    Cupcakes Song Played on Dutch News

    During a broadcast about National Cupcakes Day, a dutch news broadcast played Cupcakes.   Check the video out at here! The actual song is around 9:00 in.  

    Doctor Horrible Project Link Followup

    Last night I mentioned a Doctor Horrible project that was looking for some assistance on ponychan. Apparently he gave me the wrong link! Hit this one up instead.

    Ultimate Abridged Episode 7

    Yep, another week of abridged! Check it out here.

    Successful Meetup: Ireland

    Those are some impressive numbers right there! Taking over the world one country at a time.

    Check out their full writeup here!

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