• Story: For All That Must Be (Update Part 6!)


    Author: cruelfeline
    Description: The balance was lost eons ago when fear and anger drove two friends apart. Recent events have lead to Equestrian secrets coming to light, and Twilight Sparkle must recover what has been lost by rejoining two halves of an eternal whole, changing Equestria forever.
    For All That Must Be (New Part 6!)

    Additional Tags: Long, origins, redemption, forgiveness, guilt


    1. Wth does it matter to be first? >_>

    2. @Rita Lot

      If you ever first again, I will teleport you into the dimension of Nightmares.

      Trust me, you don't want that

      Also, Celestia ship?

    3. Oh, yes, Celecord. My second favorite Celestia ship. Forget the list, this one is an immediate read.

    4. A Dislestia fic! I've seen some pictures and comics, but never a fic. This might be interesting.

    5. read one similar, bur this is decent

    6. Why is there so much shipping lately? More grimdark plox.

    7. Wait, so it's a shipping between Celestia, and Discord? Eeeewww!

    8. A fantastic read, and well deserving of five stars. The fragmented and jarring (and at times, funny) way the author describes Discord's thought processes is incredibly well done. Not to mention the entire story is very well written and easily allows the reader to empathize with Celestia and Twilight.

    9. You really do have a flair for going into amazingly illustrative detail in this. Every character's thoughts are well conveyed and in tune with their personalities, and now that the plot is beginning to thicken, I really can't wait for the next update.

    10. >Posted over a month ago

      Something's wrong here.


    11. .... Holy buck.

      Where are the readers for this? And why aren't its praises being sounded in the streets?

    12. @TheManWithTwoNames

      Thank you kindly :). Did the higher amount of description not bother you?

      I know some people have been getting frustrated with the description and the rather slow pace I've set. I'm trying to figure out if I should drop some of my language, or keep the style as it's been.

    13. @Party Favors

      That's very sweet of you to say; thank you!

      I hope my writing continues to be pleasant for you.