• Story: Little Sugar Shop of Horrors

    [Crossover] Pen Stroke without Nyx?! Madness I say!

    Author: Pen Stroke
    Description: The arrival of a new "Star Buck's Coffee" in Ponyville is putting the
    pressure on Sugarcube Corner. The Cakes worry they'll soon be forced
    to say 'goodbye' to their bakery, until Pinkie Pie discovers a
    sugar-craving plant. Is this bizzare vegetation the bakery's saving
    grace, or will Pinkie Pie find it's growing appetite too much to

    A greedy corporate baron, a ravenous plant, musical numbers, and
    romance. Three of these four things are in this story, and since
    there's no shipping tag, you only get one guess. Come see a lighter
    and softer crossover story inspired by "Little Shop of Horror"
    starring everypony's favorite party pony Pinkie Pie.

    Story is author-rated to be approximately PG (Nopony gets eaten or
    anything like that).
    Little Sugar Shop of Horrors Part 1
    Little Sugar Shop of Horrors Part 2
    Little Sugar Shop of Horrors Part 3

    Little Sugar Shop of Horrors Alternate

    Additional Tags: Inspired By Crossover, Lighthearted, No pony gets hurt

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