• Story Updates November 6th (Evening)

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    Have some story updates. 

    Story: The Colour You Bleed (Update Chapter 7!) 

    4 Star

    [Adventure][Slightly Grimdark]

    Author: Kegisak
    Description: Caught in the middle of a struggle between Equestria and a neighboring country, Blueblood finds himself alone in unfriendly territory. Through trials and hardships he finds himself under the wing of a veteran soldier, and the arrogant, spoiled stallion begins a slow metamorphosis into the prince his country needs.
    The Colour You Bleed

    Story: Before the Sun Rises (Update Part 2!) 

    4 Star


    Author: Pen Scratch
    Description: There was, long ago, a time prior to the unification by the dual monarchs, Luna and Celestia; the sun rose of its own accord, the clouds were free to roam the skies at the whims of none but the gods, and isolated communities sought stability in a time of relative chaos. An earth pony could live her whole life without seeing a pegasus or a unicorn, seeking only to exist within the boundaries of home. Most did this. Some did not.
    Before the Sun Rises


    Story: These City Walls (Update Part 6!) 

    4 Star

    [Normal] [Sad] [Slightly Dark]

    Author: KitsuneRisu
    Description: A strange series of occurances are plaguing the fine city of Canterlot, as one by one, a pony of vengeance strikes seemingly random ponies down in their prime. As the locals try to contain the situation, they find that it soon slips out of their hooves as they discover that this one simple pony might not be as simple as was originally thought. Once Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia gets involved, can everyone work together to bring down this threat that threathens to ruin the very core of Canterlot?

    These City Walls

    Story: Exodus (Update Chapter 5!) 

    5 Star

    [Adventure][Sci-fi ]

    Author: Hurng
    Description: The First Equine Imperium had once dominated the galaxy. Through conquest, ruthlessness and brutality, Solar Emperor Galaxis raised Equine kind to supremacy over hundreds of worlds and tens of billions of souls.

    However, it has not succeeded entirely. Under the leadership of humanity, the Federation of Free Galactic states fought back. After centuries of constant warfare, the Imperium has been reduced to a shell of its former self under the fury of the galaxy united.

    As Equestria Prime burns, Emperor Galaxis launches a desperate plan to save the Equine race. But can Celestia and Luna lead the battered survivors of their civilization to a bright new future among the stars, or have the sins of their forefathers condemned their people to a bloody grave?

    Story: Of Harmony & Chaos (Update Part 2!) 

    5 Star


    Author: Brightwel
    Description: Celestia, Nightmare Moon, Discord, the Elements of Harmony. All things that once clashed 1000 years ago. What happened in that ancient time, whose echoes can still be felt millennia later? Was it truly just jealousy that changed Luna into the cruel Nightmare Moon? How did a mad being like Discord become the ruler Equestria? Just what exactly are alicorns, and how did Celestia and Luna come to be? There are many answers the history books and the princesses have not mentioned, or have choose to keep secret...
    Of Harmony & Chaos

    Story: Choosing Fate (Update Part 3!) 

    4 Star

    [Normal] I totally thought that was Nyx when I first opened the email. Confound you Past Sins!

    Author: Livi-Love
    Description: After being tricked into thinking she has earned her cutie mark, Applebloom questions whether it has set in stone the path in life she must now take. Is she destined for evil, or does she have a choice in what she does?
    Choosing Fate

    Story: My Little Creepypasta (Update Part 2!) 

     4 Star


    Author: Angelofrombelow
    Description: Twilight is hosting her second ever slumber party and her friends are telling each other ghost stories, with varying degrees of success.

    My Little Creepypasta

    Story: My Little Avengers (Update Part 9!) 

    5 Star


    Author: Koolerkid
    Description: While out hiking in the mountains near Ponyville, Big Mac discovers a mysterious staff which grants him the power of the ancient god Thor. Old myths awaken, new legends are born, and one simple farm pony is thrust in the middle - as the leader of Celestia's newest crime-fighting force, The Avengers! A fusion fic with Marvel Universe, mostly Avengers.
    My Little Avengers

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