• Castle Creator Game Adds Derpy and More

    Over on the Hub's main website, the Canterlot Creator game has had a whole pile of new updates added, including a bunch of new vectors from Nightmare Night.  The big new addition is of course, Derpy.  Our favorite paper bag-wearing mailmare has her own specialized vector in the game.  That's pretty amazing considering she is the only additional pony outside of the mane 5/CmC/Luna.

    Her filename even says "Derpy".  I guess that disqualifies Ditzy Doo?

    Check the game out here! And thanks to Whatshisgame for the discovery!


    1. It's Official, her name is Derpy! XD

    2. Sweet, a background character comes to life because of fandom power.

    3. i just saw an ad.

      i'm using adblocker.

      i'm spitting lava.

    4. Cool, time to make another fun scene.

    5. No more ditzy doo. HELLO DERPY HOOVES!!! :D

    6. what does he mean mane5, a typo or am I missing something here?

    7. ...And then the Hub made Derpy canon

    8. any one else NOT able to use the site WHILE logged in?.....i havnt been able to work the games on the hub site for a month or more now unless im not logged in(even tryed 7 machines and created new accounts)

    9. Mane five, Seth? Really? Them's fighting words, Seth

    10. (And yes, I know that its from nightmare night, but still.....)

    11. Haha! Oh wow. The epicness has been doubled.

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    13. yay I am an artist! http://imgur.com/boTyp

    14. Ditzy Doo will continued to be used Seth. Unless the show VERBALLY refers to her as Derpy I don't see people dropping that name. Besides Ditzy Doo flows better than Derpy IMO

    15. I'm not surprised her name is Derpy, Lauren Faust even said something along the lines of "We originally had her named Ditzy Doo, but since she never actually was connected to that name on screen if you want her to be called Derpy then that's her name)

    16. Oh my. This is amazing. It's only a matter of time before Derpy gets dialogue and characters mention her.

    17. :O
      Her eyes are... are... normal...
      This is the worst... possible... thing... EVER! *jumps onto the drama couch*
      This is just awesome! YAY DERPY! Derpy is best pony.

    18. Dunno where everyone has been, but her name and character design as that has been canon for quite a while now. :P The name Derpy has even been used around the office for quite some time. And Lauren even commented on liking the name Derpy if I remember right. So.. yeah. It's been there for a while. :)

    19. @Woof Hooves

      I sent them a message about that over a week ago. They responded on Friday (last week) said it SHOULD be fixed sometime this week.
      It still wont work for me either so I have to log-out to play videos and games. It just sucks cause I have made the same character up to unicorn level on "adventures in ponyville" THREE TIMES!
      Think of all the points I could have gathered by now...

    20. Derpy? hell no, Ditzy it shall stay

    21. Interesting-looking Rarity here. Spoiler costume from an upcoming episode?


    22. As far as I'm concerned, she'll continue to be Ditzy Doo until I'm corrected from within the show.

      When the mane six start to call her Derpy Hooves, then I will to. Until then, she is Ditzy Doo.

    23. (Crazy talk incoming!)
      Why can't she be both? After all, the mane character's name is 'Twilight Sparkle', but she is almost never referred to by that, instead she gets called 'Twilight' or even just 'Twi'.

      I've always personally thought her name was 'Ditzy Doo', and her nickname was 'Derpy' (one of those names that can be both friendly or not, depending on recent actions).

    24. If the Hub says that its her name, then it's official. We, as fans, have created it, and the Hub has made it official.

      There ya go

    25. @RabidKillerCow

      She wore that outfit on Boast Busters.

    26. It seems as if with each episode we are getting more and more Ditzy (That is her name unless the actual show says otherwise). It seems only a matter of time before she is given a line of dialogue, and soon after that an actual episodes, and soon after that permanent supporting character status!
      If she ends up being named Derpy, I'll get over it. But please, for the love of Celestia have Dinky Doo be her unicorn daughter!

    27. mane 5 seth? mane 5 are you kidding me

    28. I really couldn't see the show characters calling her derpy. Its a fun fan name, but it just sounds weird when you say it aloud.

    29. @Glaceon haha i just saw that too.
      What is this mane 5 you speak of?

    30. ^exactly, I think derpy should stay fan named and ditzy should be her onshow name

    31. Bwa-HA! Let Derpy Reign Supreme!

      I'm still of the mind that Ditzy is the one with the Purple hair that had all the birds following behind her. She's Derpy's cousin. And where Derpy is secretly a genius of the highest calibre, Ditzy is far more than a little scatterbrained.

    32. Hmm...

      Luna's carriage thing was added as well as her guards.

    33. We'll see what they do with her when they do it; my guess is that they're going to do what a guy on Fanfiction.net did and give her the catchphrase "It's 'Euterpe', actually....."

      This would make her into a latter-day version of Mr Hooper from Sesame Street who spent his declining years having to correct Big Bird when he screwed up his name.

    34. F yeah, Derpy!

      I much prefer Derpy.

    35. I can't even play the game.

      Must be because I'm not in the US.

    36. her name was always derpy.. ditzy doo was one of the 3 bird wrangling ponies shown in WWU.
      Faust's drawing was named "derpy.jpg" and the Nightmare Night storyboard had her labled as DH.

      it's derpy, it always was derpy

    37. Woohoo!
      I've never been one to nitpick over the Derpy/Ditzy thing; I think people should choose as they like. But I personally like the sound of Derpy, and it's nice to see some official confirmation.
      Man, is she a great mailmare or what?! I'm so psyched!

    38. Package of the browser cache files: SWF format

    39. There are no other background ponies; I think this was intentional! :)

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    41. @WhiteHawke

      So she did! Good eye. I can't believe I missed that one. It's one of my favorite episodes.

    42. I'm not terribly concerned which name they use in the show (if either winds up being addressed to her on-camera), since one can always argue that 'Derpy' (or 'Ditzy') is a nickname.

    43. Hrm...I'm definitely leaning against Ditzy Doo, because "Derpy" is often meant as a somewhat insulting name for her wall-eyed appearance...but I also think that "Derpy (W)Hooves" is sometimes better than "Ditzy Doo" because then one could say that Dr. Whooves is Dinky's stepfather (yes, I ship Ditzy/Derpy and the Doctor.)

    44. Derpy can be called whatever you want.
      That is her magic. She belongs to everyone in the fandom.

    45. Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoawhoa... the file name is actually "Derpy"!? I mean, I've never concidered the whole Derpy/Ditzy thing to be an issue but for a second character's fan name to be made official is pretty awesome. Well, being a fliename doesn't neccessarly make it canon but it's still another great sign.

    46. Being called derpy is an insult, she will always be Ditzy Doo.

    47. For all those saying Ditzy is better because Derpy is an insult: "ditzy" isn't exactly a compliment either.

    48. Lauren Faust says Derpy and Ditzy are different ponies, and that's good enough for me.

    49. I always thought Derpy was her nickname.

    50. But But.... I loved the name Ditzy Doo!! My main char on WoW it's named after her T_T

      But ohh well I gues Derpy it's.... fine *fluttershy*

    51. If only The Hub's site would ever load any of the games for me. No matter what browser I use, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari, the games never load. D:

    52. I think Ditzy Doo should stay her official name and Derpy would be a friendly nickname used sometimes in the show when she does a mistake.

    53. Lauren Faust called her "Derpy" before, and that leaked "Nightmare Night" storyboard image calls her "Derpy" to, so it's really nothing new.

      Still, admittedly, while I call her by both fanon names I kinda prefer the name "Ditzy-Doo." (It somehow sounds cuter.) Or "Ditzy-Doo" with "Derpy" being her nickname.

      Though, regardless, I think we can still call her whatever we want. So it doesn't really matter.

    54. I hope they stick with Ditzy Doo being her "full" name and Derpy being a nickname.

    55. Then again, she could be like Jughead; as you know, that used to mean 'stupid person' before it meant 'tall, skinny kid who's so embarrassed by his real first name, he regards a slang expression for numbskull as a step up' so we could end up with her trying very hard to keep ponies from learning her lame-o super-humiliating real name and telling the Mane Six that what they think is an insult seems to her to be almost flattery all things considered.

    56. I'm still not using Derpy as her name. :| Ditzy Doo is better and was even stated in the show, although we never got to see who it was. Obviously the Hub is going to use our little pet name for her, just like the creators of the show do. I'm not taking a simple Flash animation file to be the canon name.

      As for this thing itself, that's pretty cool that they put her in there, paper bag costume and all. She's so beloved now!

    57. Saying that the file name makes it official means that we've magically given the lone programmer that made the game canon establishing authority, which I highly doubt is the case. Do you really think Hasbro has combed over and officially approved every file name on their site?

      Until it's officially stated in the show, I'm sticking with Ditzy-doo. It flows more in line with the other names used in the show, and was actually said in the show. And Lauren never said that the two were separate ponies; she just said that Ditzy-doo was never assigned to a specific pony and could be used for that character.

      I love the character and the fact that the fandom has gotten her escalated to a scripted status. But the term Derpy, derp, and all it's variations still have super negative connotations to it; it's almost the equivalent to calling someone a 'retard' online. Which is why I cringe at the thought of that being her real name.

      I'm sticking with Ditzy-doo until Hasbro says otherwise, no matter what a single, contract flash programmer hired for a website game says.

    58. I like Ditzy Doo way better for her official name. Derpy Hooves is a fine nickname though. (Still hoping if she ever gets named it will be Ditzy Doo)

    59. Whether it's Derpy or Ditzy Doo, the fact remains she's there.

      There's the main six, Spike, Luna & Celestia and.. Derpy/Ditzy.

      This is beyond awesome. Of all the ponies to put in this, they picked her. Nuff said.

    60. its both, though i prefer ditzy doo, now to win the lottery and bribe the creators to have a character call her ditzy on the show, bwhaha

    61. >Her filename even says "Derpy"

    62. I don't get why so many people have something against the name Derpy. It's iconic and the first pony the fandom ever named.

      The name itself originates from the creators of South Park using it in a few of their episodes and the film Basketball so it isn't an actual term referring to a disability like retard so the "it sounds too negative" argument is silly when you consider the fact that people who make it call her Ditzy Doo, Ditzy can be seen as negative too.

      So I see nothing wrong with calling her Derpy. It isn't offensive, it isn't insultive and it fits her character. And if you like the Ditzy Doo name so much just use it for another pony.

    63. The name Ditzy has been gone for a while now, seeing as how the crew stated on Reddit, I believe, to using the name Derpy to name....Derpy (as well as using the name Dr. Whooves. That was over a month ago I believe. To me, it will always be Derpy /)^3^(\

    64. DERPY! YES! I'm so glad it's not Ditzy! :D

    65. I don't know, I like both pretty well. What matters more as that our beloved mailmare is finally a real, official character, thanks to us.

    66. @Gaiash

      While Matt Parker and Trey Stone may have been the ones to popularize the term, they in no way invented it. It's been one of the phrases or sounds used to make fun of those with mental disabilities since at least the mid-80's, and that's why so many people tend dislike the term. I know I heard it as early as middle school, a decade before Baseketball was out.

      If an older person did something dumb and you responded by belting out 'Derp derp derp!' more likely than not you're going to make them super mad at you whereas calling them a ditz wouldn't induce nearly as bad a reaction. True, both terms describe a person not being at the top of their mental game, but one is seen by many, many people as far more insulting than the other. Just look at the number of comments from other people that don't like term as an example.

      Ultimately, the decision is up to Hasbro, and until it's stated in the show or an official toy is released, we won't have an official name for her. I doubt Hasbro would release a toy that many girls may not buy simply because it shares a name that may have been used to insult them priorly (kids can be cruel).

      This show is still geared towards little girls and is meant to make them feel good about who they are. South Park is the complete opposite and has the goal of insulting every demographic out there.

      And in the Reddit article, Jayson Thiessen says that Derpy is the name they use to refer to her in the Canadian studio. You can't really take that as canon since he also states that Applejack is the collapsed remains of a star from the Delta Quadrant.

      My vote still goes to Ditzy-doo.

    67. Oh HUB... you will never say out loud the true name of Ditzy "Derpy" Doo, will you?

    68. @Cinnamon Fritter
      I can't find any mention of derp being used before Basketball/South Park. I think you might be mixing it up with a similar sounding word, if it had any actual links to a disability it would be common knowledge.

      Also your example is more linked to how the term is phrased. 'Derp derp derp!' seems to imply it is being said in the mock voice. Derpy Hooves isn't said in a mocking voice, in fact the name is said quite lovingly in every form of audible media I've heard her mentioned in.

      Besides I like the idea of Ditzy Doo being an entirely different pony. The chance of a Derpy/Ditzy double act is enough reason to prefer the Derpy name.

    69. Just the number of comments by other people that also associate the word as an insult and implied disability shows that that is a common interpretation of it. True, many people in the MLP fandom use it as a term of endearment, but that doesn't automatically make it acceptable to the rest of the world. The N-word is also used as a term of endearment by alot of people, but if you were to release a toy with the name of 'N-word Hooves' you would get lynched by the end of it's release day.

      Our fandom's enthusiasm for her has accomplished the impossible by getting a beloved background character elevated to a scripted status, but that doesn't mean we should be willfully ignorant. A simple google search on the definition of 'Derp' turned up 100's of results, including these:

      -a stoner or a retard
      -The word that describes a particularly
      retarded face: A retarded smile, and the
      eyes pointing in different directions.
      -The First Real and proper definition for
      "Derp" Was basically just a response for if
      something or someone did something so
      utterly retarded or screwy, You literally
      have nothing else to say, Derp is what you
      say when you have nothing to say.
      -A huge and dramatical case of retardation
      -Someone who defies the laws of stupidity by
      being really, really stupid and derpy.
      -The action of pure randomness and
      -Describes a person who usually adds
      retarted remarks or statements to a
      conversation. The speaker is usually mocked
      and teased afterwards...and told they are
      full of Derp.
      -Symbolizing a retarded face, look, etc.,
      making fun of it.
      -Indicating retardation in both speech and
      thought; incomprehensible guttoral sounds
      intended as English predominantly spoken in
      the South.
      -Someone acting retarded or slow; The act of
      doing something stupid.
      -Has several meanings, but used in a
      situation where someone has done/said
      something retarded, and so "derp" is a
      socially acceptable to say post-

      This meaning is most commonly used
      (originally, atleast) in Coventry, England.
      -Derp is the epidimy of retarded comedy.
      -Stupid; retarded in a very funny way

      This is stuff a little girl (the target demographic for the show) will find if she decides to look up her new birthday present doll named "Derpy".

      We're a great fandom following a magnificent show; we have novel quality fan-fic writers, dj's and rappers that produce better quality music than the stagnant music industry, and hundreds of amazing artists. We've broken the target demographic, got the fan-chosen name of DJ Pon3 canonized, managed to convince the studio to elevate Ditzy to a scripted status, and we're close to getting the same with Dr. Whooves.

      Do we really need to push to have a socially risqué title given to a character just to have a reference to an age old insult that's turned into an internet meme?

      I would rather show that our little fan-base is above meme's and disability jokes.