• Nightly Roundup #143


    Have some news. 

    Electricbrony Podcast

    Yep! Another podcast! Hope you guys still have room on your mp3 players. ElectricBrony is pretty non-worksafe, so it is suggested that you do not listen to it around... anyone.

    Find it here.

    Guilds/Groups/Meetups Looking for More

    Chilean MU Guild

    Search for player: RainbowShy

    PC Battlefield Guild


    Bronytalk Facebook Group


    WoW Guild

    Faction: Alliance
    Server: fizzcrank
    Contact: Dunda

    Brony Haven RP Website

    This site originally started as a place for the Facebook-banned bronies/roleplayers to come to, where they wouldn't be banned. 

    Over a period of a few months, the site has grown to have over three hundred members; the site requires $25 per month to be kept running, so if members are willing to donate, the creator (Twilight Sparkle) will send them a link to where they can donate. 

    We are welcoming to everyone/pony that joins, and we hope you like it! ^_^

    (On Brony Haven) -Gordon Freemane

    Successful Meetups

    Note: If you send these, include copy paste! I don't have time to dig around your writeups to pull stuff out!

    BonyCon (Bronycon's Halloween Con)

    Have some Copy paste:

    Nightmare Night greetings, all you happy pony ghouls!

    Bronies-NYC, the group behind BroNYCon, had a spookily wonderful Halloween meetup this past Saturday, October 29. Around 60 ponies attended, despite eerie cold weather and even some very un-seasonal snow. The meetup was unofficially titled BONYcon, and a special poster design was made for the occasion.

    The meetup featured a costume contest, as well as a contest for best dramatic reading of 'Spiderses'. All four episodes of Season 2 were shown, and EvilSugar's epic Monster Pie was on display. The night concluded with an awesome mini-rave, featuring glowsticks, special lighting effects, and even an amazing green laser pointer that cut through the fog machine's fog like a knife.

    The costume contest was won by Rocket to Insanity for his awesome depiction of Big Mac in his Nightmare Night costume. (An extremely close runner-up was Fantasy in her amazing Zecora costume!) 

    The Spiderses contest was read by Fantasy, who got the dramatic Zecora intonation perfect!


    Public Picasa gallery! Features 39 photos submitted by several group members.

    Bronies-NYC's next regular monthly event occurs on Saturday, November 19, 2011. The next BroNYCon occurs on Saturday, January 7, 2012.

    DC Brony Mini-Meet

    This one happened on Saturday.  Check out their Website here if you want to join the next one. 

    We had (and messily devoured) an awesome Nightmare Moon cake, in addition to playing some Ascension.

    Another Portland Brony Meetup Video

    Continued from last night, have another video

    Vancouver Meetup Photos/Video

    Photo Gallery


    Ohio Brony Meetup Nightmare Night Party


    Colorado Bronies Pumpkin Carving Write-Up

    On Oct. 30th, the Colorado Bronies hosted a pumpkin carving meet up. Have a write-up

    Singapore Meetup
    The bronies of Singapore had two major meetups over the past week, the first one taking place on October 26th for the interview with the Straits Times, and the second a major meetup on the 29th which took us to East Coast Park for some cycling and sand-drawing shenanigans, then some gourmet lunching at a fine-dining restaurant called Aston's. For the few of us who stayed behind all the way there was ice cream and waffles to be had at Suntec City, followed by a LAN gaming session.

    Pictures of the October 26th meetup can be found here, and those of the October 29th meetup can be found here and here. Our resident cameraman had even compiled a video of the latter.

    Mic the Microphone Interview on Intertainment Podcast

    All this crazy rap music that keeps invading the music posts is primarily being created by Mic the Microphone along with various other artists in league with him.  If you are curious about some behind the scenes stuff, check out his interview here!

    MDA Charity Drive

    Another Bronies for Good charity is currently under way.  This time around, they are working on helping out the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  If you are interested in joining in, hit up the website

    EPIC Derpy Cake


    Everfree Radio Podcast Episode 2

    Have some copypaste: 
    In this episode: Final Draft, Autumn, and Crescendo review Luna Eclipsed.  Luna praising and fun doubling abound!  Next, our game experts Bones and Autumn look at Story of the Blanks.  Finally, we've got Bones and Moonlight reviewing the fanfic 'The Monster Mash' to complete a Halloween Trifecta.  Sprinkled on this cupcake of madness are some wonderful songs about the wonderful joy that is pony.  This episode will rock the socks right off your Woona.
    Check it out here



    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Blindbag Screwball
    Trixie Plushie
    Plushie Commissions
    Fluttershy Plushie
    Rarity Plushie

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