• Music: Griffin Village - Summer / Nightmare Night Electro-Dubstep

    Living tomb is at it again with yet another remix of a one of our fandom's favorites.   I definitely like his modifications.

    1.) Griffin Village - Summer (The Living Tombstone's Remix)
    2.) Nightmare Night Electro-Dubstep - StormWolf
    3.) Miss Rarity


    1. Just so everyone knows: The little dance Tomb is doing in the tree is now a dance. It's called, "The Tomb".

      When you are instructed to do it, hop in a tree, hang from a branch, put your arms up and sway back and forth to the beat.

      DO THE TOMB.

    2. @Mic the Microphone

      It must be done! DO THE TOMB!

    3. bronies really love makin music

    4. @Mic

      Congratulations, you have created the new planking

    5. I like #3, kept the music different throughout, not too repetitive.

      #2 was, even though I don't like dubstep, good for its genre.

      #1 was good.

    6. I found #1 a while ago on youtube but it's good to see it here. I'm also pyramidhead125 on there. don't have any videos yet but I'm working on that

    7. Nightmare Night Electro-Dubstep - StormWolf is so good

    8. #1 I like it, it's indeed good. Though I still prefer the original myself. But for a faster version, this works. Tombstone's stuff is usually pretty good.

      #2 Was decent, has a good beat you can dance to.

      #3 Same with this one. I like it's beat. Fun little tune.

    9. @Mic The Microphone So it shall be. EVERYPONY. DO THE TOMB. SPREAD IT.

    10. Feat. Gen/Stinkehund's art.

      He'll be much pleased.

    11. Yeah!


      ....also #2 was great. I've been waiting to hear remixes from the episode soundtrack of that song ^-^

    12. #1 The original was alright, definitely prefer the remix.

      #2 ....megusta

      #3 I really like 'dat ... pic.


    13. Heretical as this may sound, I think #2 would be better with a different instrument for the bass. It'd remove 90% of the dubsteb/electro-ness but hey!

    14. wow, two new youtube subbs... Gotta love pony music

    15. has anypony every noticed that the nightmare night theme sounds an awful lot like the ol' munsters TV show theme?:P

    16. 1. YES!!! Finally, a remix of this amazing song!

      2. Almost anything would sound menacing with this. Sweet!

      3. Not really what I would consider Rarity, but still good.

    17. I've seen three StormWolf tracks on EQD so far, all of them are great!

    18. There needs to be more JackleApp out, remixed or otherwise. D=< I'm really starting to love the Everfree out of his work.

    19. Hello,

      I know Stormwolf and he showed me #2.
      I was inspired!

      Note: I AM NOT A BRONY

      I am currently making sprites for a MLP:FiM based game, probably a platformer.
      I am doing artwork while Stormwolf does soundtrack.

      Still looking for a programmer.
      If you are an experienced game programmer or want to get some experience please contact me at spot.gaming@gmail.com

      The job will not be paid unfortunately :(

      Unless of course Faust allows us free copyright infringement XD. Then maybe we could make cash.