• National Pony Writing Month Winners And Word Counts

    You may have noticed that September ended seven days ago.  That also was the final day for the National Pony Writing Month.  It sounds like a lot of these are still in progress, so expect to see the actual links in the near future as they are submitted / go through the pre-readers.  Everything can be found in Siraj's copy paste after the break.

    My little writers, how are you all? Siraj/Noble Cause here, one week removed from the utter insanity that NaPoWriMo became.  I want to wish you all a hearty congratulations whether you wrote nothing at all, or, like Vanner did with his 'Children of the Sun' fic and utterly obliterated the 50,000 word mark and then half again.  Vanner, I'm only singling you out because BUCK, colt, you blew my mind with your word count.
          Now that that's said, I have something of a surprise for you all.  Everypony that participated and sent in their work were placed on a list, and, using a random number generator, I have picked four random ponies to give prizes to once I have work and the funding available.  I want the following quartet to form a band and put Octavia and her group to shame e-mail [email protected] with something you'd be interested in recieving.  Is it a Steam game? Would you perhaps like a nice leatherbound journal/diary to jot things down in? Maybe something food related? I do cook, and I take requests and have no qualms shipping.  Cost will be within reason, of course.
          The four ponies to be picked are:  Pyrobug, Taren, Bearycool and Prismatic Pretzel.  Please e-mail at earliest convience so we can correspond and figure something out... and I can look into costs.

          For reference, my final word count? 7585 words.  I stalled due to RL and never got back to it.  Stuff like that happens.  So many of you actually outclassed me.
          Without further ado, the LIST!

    •       Bob Bobstein:  Left 4 Trixie:  4,143
    •       Dragonas77:  Rewriting History:  9,731
    •       Ponydora Prancypants:  The Ties That Bind:  62,266
    •       Heitomos:  The Seamstress: Origins, Bucker: Origins and Havoc: Origins (series):  50,030
    •       Steel Richelieu:  The Goddess Who Wasn't:  39,254
    •       kal413:  A Spark Of Light:  53,900
    •       Icefox:  The Icefox Chronicles: Volume 2 Equestria:  3,106
    •       Pav Feira:  My Little Chrono Triggers Are Magic:  31,315
    •       Dsarker:  My Little Warhammer: Friendship is HERESY!:  13,203
    •       RogerDodger:  Gifted Unicorns:  8,837
    •       toanoradian:  The Scary Powers of Love:  50,000
    •       Forte Canter:  Octavia the Tenth and Po'ni (dual entries):  1,119 and 3,171
    •       Clockwork Canter:  Requiem Rivalry:  14,932
    •       joe samuel:  Foals of Colts:  16,319
    •       Luna-tic Scientist:  Days of Wasp and Spider:  16,600
    •       Bearycool:  The Gray Mares:  8,960
    •       DEFCON:FUN:  With A Little Help From My Friends:  30,909
    •       Vanner:  Children of the Sun:  76,540
    •       Destroyer9283:  The Eclipse:  13,537
    •       Mindblower:  Envy and Arrogance:  67,000
    •       Aesthetic:  Ponies Make War:  33,394
    •       Isrozzis:  Of Being Great and Powerful:  20,065
    •       Trotsky:  Antebellum and The Horror In The Bag (dual entries):  2,094 and 1,428
    •       GWFan:  To The End of Drudges:  66,720
    •       DrScratch:  Time For Change:  3,530
    •       Cadence:  Ballad of Autmn Dreams:  50,731
    •       Blue Cord Dragoon:  Broken:  11,275
    •       Soviet:  Amnesia: A Pony's Descent:  55,000
    •       Heart of Aces:  Moonflower:  2,121
    •       Alexstrazsa:  Legacy of the Sun:  23,498
    •       Matt Trepal:  WINTER:  61,416
    •       J. Corwin:  Anomaly Volume 1: Mind Games:  9,882
    •       Artrageous:  Background Currents:  32,149
    •       Loss Thief:  Barriers:  55,368
    •       El_Bronio:  Shades:  14,232
    •       Sam Braden:  The Infinite Pantry:  14,586
    •       The Last of The Brohicans:  Over The Hills and Far Away:  41,451
    •       Taren:  Lost Souls:  24,261
    •       Sebiale:  Gummy Grows Teeth:  242
    •       Mr. Boltitude:  The Sunset Chase:  28,050
    •       Laurence Brown:  Phases of the Moon:  26,827
    •       Lady Moondancer:  Greaves and Rooster 13:  39,001
    •       Banjo:  Stronger Bonds:  14,823
    •       Pyrite Foolsgold:  The Hardest Pony To Forgive:  9,462
    •       Pyrobug:  Fool Me Once:  24,242
    •       Somethingwith_fire:  Black is a Color, Thunder a Feeling:  8,273
    •       Prismatic Pretzel:  Going Postal:  50,099
    •       Evan MacIan:  The Lucky One:  14,638
    •       hatty475:  Foggy Weather:  53,614
    •       Vason Silver Sword:  Traveling Souls:  51,829
    •       Scriber:  Cantering Death:  27,879
    •       Smashing Good Time:  Shin Equus Tensei:  8,417 

          PHEW! Heck of a list, everypony! That's a grand total of 1,463,054 words! Yes, among the 52 of you (and myself) that participated, for a lack of a heads-up (that was my fault), you all slammed out nearly a million and a freaking half words... I'm in shock, folks, I really am.  Sweet Luna, am I ever PROUD! Just think, next year, I'll be ORGANIZED about this.  Maybe Twilight will stop glaring at me soon.  For those curious, the average word count out of all this?  27,605.  None too shabby in its own right.
          You may notice I didn't include links.  Several authors here have either been posted by now, or requested I not link to their work yet/at all.  So why'd I ask for everypony to send it my way? To see if there was anything that may interest the pre-readers enough to possibly fast track.  Then RL decided to buck me between the withers.  Fun, as ever.
          My ponies, my dear little writers... Well done, one and all.  This is Noble Cause, signing off and going the hay to bed, since it's currently 20 after 4 a.m. here as I write this, and I'm freezing my flank off.

          - Siraj/Noble Cause, immensely impressed.

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