• Nightly Roundup #121

    I just spent the last few hours getting completely dominated by the final boss in Baldurs gate 2: Throne of Bhaal.  Pinkie Pie can't land a hit to save her life (I'm never adding a bard again) , Twilight Sparkle's Time Stop didn't work, Fluttershy's druid pets were immediately dispelled, and Trixie was stuck on "dispel stone skin" duty.  I forgot how hard this game could be with the difficulty ramped up. 

    Anyway, shes dead, and Twilight Sparkle has taken her rightful place as the god of murder.  Have some news. 

    German Cupcakes / Art of the Dress

    For those of you out there interested in foreign pony songs, Germany has a few new ones out.

    Art of the Dress


    Groups / Meetups / Guilds Looking for More

    TF2 Group


    Facebook Page

    Another Facebook Brony Page


    Cal Poly Fall Mini Meetup

    Apparently this happens... Today! A bit last minute. Have some a schedule/Flyer



    Ponies of War FPS Group 


    Steam Group

    Counter Strike Clan



    Peru Brony Page


    Operation Winter Wrap Up Charity

    Another charity project has started up, with the goal of donating pony toys to children during the holiday season. Check out the website for it here, or the facebook page here!

    Soarin Clock


    Mayor Mare Voiceover Required for Fighting is Magic/ Interview On Gamer Escape

    The Mane 6 team needs someone to do voice work for Mayor Mare.  Hit up this page for more information.

    They were also interviewed recently.  If you guys are following it, hit up this page for it!

    Equestria Rave Radio Tonight at 10:00 PM

    The weekly broadcast of Equestria Rave Radio is tonight.  Hit up the copypaste below for stuff.

    Just sending in a reminder that ERR weekly broadcast is tomorrow night @ 10:00 PM EST.

    That's every Saturday @ 10:00 PM EST.

    Here is a link to our website: http://eqrave.blogspot.com

    Listen to old broadcasts: http://www.blip.tv/eqrave

    Any questions can be sent here: [email protected]

    Team Fortress Two Ponyville Map Improved

    Over on TF2, the modders are hard at work re-creating various settings of Equestria.  Following feedback from their previous map, a new ponyville has been created.  Check out the video demonstration of it here, with download links in the description.

    Rhode Island Brony Meetup Album

    A meetup recently went down over on Rhode Island.  Check out the album for it here.

    PDF Fanfiction Gallery Update

    Maximillian Veers on Deviant Art has updated his PDF Gallery, all new additions are below.

    Legion of Gloom
    Storms on the Horizon
    To Be A Better Stallion
    The First Prince
    Subject of Revenge
    Long Distance
    My Little Enterprise
    Children of the Sun
    A Fire on the East
    The Son of the Emperor
    Of Two Minds sequel: "Multimental in Manehattan"
    Eversleep sequel: "Endless Sky"

    Graffiti Ponies


    Pinkie Pie Ornament Available Online 

    Pinkie Pie is now available online for 7 bucks.  Hit up the page here if you want one.

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Luna Night Light
    Custom Keychain Blind Bag Ponies

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here