• Story: Witch of the Westmareland

    [Adventure][Comedy][Crossover][Light Shipping]

    Author: Colour Coded Chaos
    Description: When Applejack's nailed by a falling rowan tree whilst taking part in the Running of the Leaves, she thinks it's bad enough being, well, nailed by a falling rowan tree. But when a raven lands on her windowsill and tells her to go somewhere that sort of doesn't exist in two days or she'll snuff it with a fairly sizeable explosion, and Ditzy Doo gets dragged into the mess, everyone's favourite orange farm pony has to go a-questin'. This can only end well...

    This is a crossover with a medieval folk ballad called The Witch of the Westmoreland, or rather the extended ballad version penned by Archie Fisher and sung by the late Stan Rogers. Have a dandy link to what I'm talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqGv2l5bJr4&feature=related
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    Additional Tags: Medieval folk. Now with ponies

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