• YouTube catch-up: August '11 (Again, for the first time)

    The pony fandom is full of awesomeness all-'round. Fan art, fanfiction, and fan discussion is 'Net-wide, by this point. It's all ace, truly...and yet, I've always found the tech (Tek?) side of the fan output - music and videos - most captivating. Let's catch up on YouTube again, pony fans.

    As was the case for the first go-'round, send in quality pony videos that haven't been featured yet on Equestria Daily to [email protected] - again, not to the three blogponies, just to the contractor. This time, the event is open to all videos from June and July 2011 as well as all months prior. Notable is that, between those two months, there were roughly 900 videos posted to EqDaily already. That's...surreal. Regardless, there's always room for more pony! Consider this an extra-frosty glass of water to mitigate the end-of-summer doldrums. At least, I hope it can be, for those of you also residing in the Northern Hemisphere. *nods*

    Also, for those hoping to see more interviews with FiM crew members and/or prominent fans (as requested in one of Cereal's discussion posts), I hope in kind to be able to fulfill that hope over the next couple of months. Hope springs eternal, to wit! Love you all, pony fans. Tek out.

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