• Youtube catch-up: Second chances

    Ponies are popular. They're almost too popular, by now, in terms of keeping up with all the fan output. As a result, several quality pony videos have doubtlessly slipped through the cracks. Pinkamena is sad, knowing that those videos deserve another shot. This is that shot. This is their chance to shine at last. This...is Youtube catch-up. Details after the break.

    The Youtube archive is up and purring, but even a catalog of over a thousand videos could stand to add an extra pony kick. This event of as-yet-undetermined duration looks to resurrect videos that, for whatever reasons, never made it onto Equestria Daily during their heyday. I'd like everypony to recall quality videos that, going by the archive, weren't ever posted to EqDaily. Send in their video links to [email protected] (and, for his sleep schedule's sake, please don't flood Seth with e-mails related to this event) for consideration. Lousy videos will almost certainly *not* receive consideration; discernment, rather, is the key here. Also, please do not send in videos uploaded in June or beyond. Only videos from May and before are eligible for this. The goal is to highlight overlooked videos that were somehow never captured by the ginormous tokamak that is the Equestria Daily media queue.

    Now, I definitely realize the potential for pony overload. Going by comments left in the recent PMV discussion post, several of you are burnt out already. That's understandable, and I don't begrudge you for it. Just keep in mind that this event is open to *all* pony videos on Youtube - music, trailers, reviews, you name it. Feel free to keep up with this event or skip over it at your leisure.

     Depending on quantity and quality of videos received, there may be multiple Youtube catch-up posts in the semi-near future. All that's left to say for now is this: Hop to it, pony fans!

    Personal aside: 16,000,000! Amazing. Truly amazing. Thanks to everypony who has visited, contributed, laughed, and loved throughout the past 5½ months. You all have built one of the most incredible fanbases ever seen - and I love you all. ^_^ Quick note to each of my new coworkers...

    Seth: Dude, it's cool. We got this! Just once, I beseech you, sleep all day. Ponies will be fine. Rock on.
    Cereal: For science! Like the moon over / The day, your fabulous wit / Can't vanish for long. (SMRPG. Sorta.)
    Phoe: You advocate squishy Tek? Fair deal! Then, here's squishy Tek. Hugs? Hugs. ~hugs~

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