• Ponies Invade European Woodstock

    The Przystanek Woodstock  festival in Kostrzyn, Poland recently got hit by all sorts of pony stuff, including some massive posters of Luna, Rainbow Dash, and Derpy.

    They must have different ink prices out there, because a colored Luna of that quality in the states would be crazy to pay for.   

    More images and a short writeup piece after the break!



    Have a quote too:
    "Each evening many people from surrounding camps, or just passers-by would join us to watch ponies on the screen. We'd get visits from members of Karachan (polish 4chan clone), from a neighbor family with little children, from random punks not believing what they are watching and why are they liking it, rocker girls enchanted by magic, missing concerts to watch ponies, and all kinds of Woodstock's colorful folklore just stopping by to watch ponies with us. Thanks to fan translation, the language was not a problem. So at about 5-7 episodes a day, with 4 last ones supplemented by fan-made pieces "Night of the Pony" and "PONIES the Anthology" ending the show we managed to air the whole season over the few evenings.

    As a last accent, one of the bronies who was with the news crew took the Derpy Hooves banner to a press conference and got it signed by Jurek Owsiak - the head organizer of the Festival, a major music world celebrity, a charismatic leader of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity*, and a true bro always living true to the Woodstock spirit of love  and friendship. As the news guy said later, Jurek's face while seeing the pony - priceless."

    --Random Blank
     Looks like it was fun!

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