• Story: The Bigger They Are


    Author: Kathryn
    Description: Filly Applejack has left the farm on a quest to find her cutie mark, leaving a young Big Macintosh to tend to the farm all by himself. Granny Smith is getting increasingly frail. With the farm to tend to, ponies to deliver precious food to, and a family to feed and keep safe, he's quickly finding it hard to handle. Frequently overtaxed and overworked, the growing Earth Pony doesn't even know if his beloved sister Applejack is alive. While he comes to terms with his conflicting emotions and the strain of ever-growing responsibility, he finds that he might just need to utilize his strength to do things he never thought he'd have to.

    The Bigger They Are: Part I
    The Bigger They Are: Part II
    The Bigger They Are: Part III
    The Bigger They Are: Part IV

    Additional Tags: Family, long, pressure, love, Cutie-mark


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    4. That was quite good. I really enjoyed that. Its well written, cute, and heartwarming. Definitely worth your time.