• Nightly Roundup #55

    This is so confusing. 

    Have some news while I go put my brain back togeather.

    Comics Posted Ponies!

    Actually, only one this time around.  Shortpacked did a small one recently.  You can find it below!


    Fallout Stealth Suit Mod

    Another mod has popped up! this one replaces some of the lines of the Stealth Suit Mk II with pony stuff.  I never did aquire this thing when I played New Vegas... Oh well!

    You can find the video of it, as well as the download link, here!

    Canterlot.com Create a Dream Foal Contest 

    The final week for the Create Your Dream Foal Contest has come.  The general rule of it is to design the child of a pair of ponies in the show, regardless of sex or compatibility.

    They have a bunch of rewards lined up, so if you are interested in winning stuff,  you can find more information here!

    Rainbowdash.net Forums

    The Twitter style site Rainbowdash.net has opened up a forum.  You can find it here!

    They are also setting up some gaming servers for things like Minecraft and Terraria.  All information on that can be found at this link!

    Fire Breathing Pony Robot

    Overlord Butterscotch is the newest addition to the robotics community.  This 3 foot tall demonspawn is the ultimate in pony badassedness.  Not even Celestia can breathe fire.

    You can find the article, and a video of it, here!

    Generosity Day

    For those following the monthly elements of harmony holidays,  August 6th has been dubbed "generosity" day over at the facebook group.  You can join in on the festivities here!

    Achievement Hunter Watches My Little Pony

    Remember when that used to be an insult back in grade school? 

    One of the more famous gamerscore enthusiasts over on youtube, known as the Achievement Hunter, recently released a video and dropped a tiny pony reference at the 3:08 mark.  You can find it here!

    Canterlot Throw Blanket, and AJ's Pink Truck!

    Part of the Canterlot set included the pink truck that popped up a while back. It's....interesting to say the least.  Definitely not something I want to see in the show.

    At the other end of the spectrum...I really want this throw blanket.  Have a review thing from from the person that sent the picture!

    "The wife and I grabbed one of the microsuede throw blankets. Its very, very soft and not near as pink as the picture on the label makes it out to be. Its actually mostly a nice violet color and the image on the blanket is nice and crisp."-Dashukta
    Yep... I want one.  

    MLP RPG Rule Book Needs Testers

    Flatline from Ponychan is looking for people to help test out his RPG rule book.  If you are interested in taking a look, you can find it here!

    All feedback should be sent to flatlinebrony@gmail.com

    Southern California Brony Meet

    Jimbo is looking for people to join the Southern California brony meet. Have some copypaste!
    "Hello, Bronies! This is Jimbo, wanting to inform you about an upcoming Southern California pony meetup, taking place in Irvine, CA on August 3rd and 6th! This meetup was originally planned on the My Little Pony Trading Post (http://mlptp.net), so most of the attendees are female old-school pony fans, with a handful of Bronies attending as well. We would love to see you on either of the days (a weekday and weekend, to accommodate all schedules), or if you can't attend, please feel free to join our Meetup.com group so you can hear about future meets! http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-LA
    See? Real friends give me copy paste!

    Dragons Nest Guilds Looking for Members 

    Dragons Nest (An action MMORPG similiar to Vindictus) Recently went into open beta, and a few brony guilds have popped up. If you wan to join, check out the information below!

    Guild: Celestia
    Server: Argenta (East)
    Contact: Alexstrazsa, PrincessLuna

    Guild: Celestia
    Server: Velskud (West)
    Contact: Vellidrin, RainofSpades, RainofHearts, AzureCadabra, apxn, RainbowDashh, Blueblood, Graywing, Vellidrak, Velmercy, Paperponies, Marmaduke

    TF2 Pony Map Final Version

    Another Tf2 pony map has popped up! I haven't tested it, but if you want to give it a shot, check it out here!

    A Guide to Pony Swag Verse Creation

    iBringDaLULZ (The guy who did Baby Got Flank) has released this short and quick guide to rapping like Pony Swag without all those fancy instruments and multiple recordings.  You can find it here!

    Equestria Daily News

    Story Updates
    My Little Western (Update Parts 7)
    Joshing (Update Part 2!)
    Papa Pie (Update Part 2!)
    Bricks (Update Part 7!)
    Do You Really Want To Know? (Update Part 2!)
    The Sun's Song (Update Chapters 13!)
    One Last Quest (Update Part 11!)
    Divergent Days (Update Part 7+8!)
    Age of Terra (Update Part 2!)
    The Elements of Gaming (Update Part 3.5!)
    Of Gods and Demons (New Part 3!)

    The best couple edition!

    Merch queue will have to wait for tomorrow night!  Sorry dudes.  I'm pretty far behind. 


    1. Probably NOT first.

    2. Well you never got the Stealth suit MK II in New Vegas is because it's only in Old World Blues

    3. >mfw when Pink Truck goes canon


    4. uhm, what's up with the OP image, school bus?? is it something I don't know about..

    5. I really can't tell if the picture is NMM or Nyx. On one hand, she's adoring a poofy-twilight-haired school bus, on the other she has Luna's NMM cutie mark. To defeat the first point, it makes no sense for NMM OR Nyx to correlate that poofy hair to Twilight, so therefore it can't be Nyx, and for the second point, NMM has never been seen without her armour so it can't be NMM. Therefore, we can only conclude that the whole image is just artistic license.

      Confound these ponies, they drive me to make arguments about downright ridiculous things.

    6. I need to get paid so I can acquire my new throw blanket.

    7. @Vsin So, let me get this straight: Twilight Sparkle, with poofy hair, as a school bus, is an acceptable break from reality; but NMM not wearing her armour is just stretching things a little too far?

      Hmm. Interstading...

    8. Dude, I haven't played Vindictus since I started watching ponies!
      ...And now, I must make a Pony guild in it.

    9. Fire-Breathing pony ftw

    10. I was disappointed with the AHWU... I was really hoping that Jack and Geoff would finally convert to bronyism. Ah well.

    11. Aww, but, they're in love. And who're we to get in between true love? :>

      The Shortpacked comic gave me a good laugh. I can see some Bronies saying this at the cash register. :P

      Hmm, I didn't know about that Create Your Dream Foal Contest. Sounds fun. Let the large quantities of shipping commence! As opposed to any other time, right? ;)

      Heh, that fire-breathing robot pony is cool. If they haven't already, they should make it capable of walking around as well.

      Uh-oh, there's AJ's pink truck again. With the Twi cutout in thw back. Always reminds me of that comic... http://ponibooru.413chan.net/post/view/18743

      As for the throw blanket, I can relate. I want it too.

      Huh... a guide to rapping. Eh, not a rap person myself. But I make exceptions for pony-related rap. lol That's a good nifty idea though.

      Also, I concur that Bonbon and Lyra do make a very cute couple. Love'em. :)

    12. o.o! I too would love to get one of those throw blankets! Any info on those perhaps?

    13. So, Geoff likes ponies.

      Sarge: "Grif! What are you doin' in there!?"
      Grif: "Watchin' ponies, jeez."

    14. I think I chose the perfect month to do a lot of Rarity drawings :3 Generosity FTW!

    15. I bought the weird as hay truck. It actually can hitch to Rarity's carriage. Oddly enough, the hood ornament on mine is a light blue, like a certain cyan colored pegasus. Coincidence?

    16. Overlord Butterscotch is Perfect.
      Better than that knave Glueblood.

    17. Well then, I guess there's another piece of merchandise to pick up.

      Reading through the Pony RPG rules, it seems a lot like Wushu. That's not really a bad thing though. It was an easy to get into, quick to start, and simple to learn game.

    18. another great nightly round-up. Shame I can't attend the sol cal meet-up. Go figure I work both those days hah!

    19. Aw, even though I live in Irvine, I doubt I'll be able to make it to either meet-up. Such is life sometimes.

    20. I'd love to play that tabletop RPG, but I don't have any RL bronies...
      Also, loved Twilight Schoolbus. IMO that's Nyx next to her/it/whatever.

    21. Celestia seems a bit... small... on that blanket.

    22. Good nightly roundup :)

      Nice of you to put Lyra and BonBon at the end, such a cute couple.

    23. So we finally got to Rooster Teeth. To be honest, I wasn't expecting it to turn up in Achievement Hunter. If it turned up anywhere, I was betting pony toys turning up in one of the Rooster Teeth shorts. They have a very large collection of toys to begin with anyway. If not there, they could have easily turning up in Red vs Blue anyway.

    24. Looks like sparkle screwed up a spell again!

    25. those blankets are at Target!! http://www.target.com/My-Little-Pony-Throw/dp/B004W8U9CU/


      Meh, old news. He had winter wrap up playing in the background in one of his deleted minecraft videos.

    27. Heh, one of the characters on Shortpacked was collecting MLP toys before Friendship is Magic even started. They've been dropping several FiM references in the past months.

    28. YES! I knew it! Abbout a month ago, the guys from achievement hunter posted a normal video that had "Ponies are not the same" in the tags... I knew it had something to do with this! This is huge, their fanbase is inormeous!

    29. Totally bought that throw yesterday at Target. It's pretty amazing.

      Even got some weird looks from the cashier and a mom/daughter who where in the same aisle.

      Also, Target has an entire endcap of pony merchandise, most of its the nightmare inducing stuff but at least its there.

    30. Nightmare Moon is climbing on the Magic Schoolbus, get ready for adventure! *Jingle!*

    31. I got one if those blankets a few days ago. It's great. Celestia isn't pink finally! When I was at Target again yesterday, they were sold out of them and one piece of the bedding set. I didn't look to see whether it was the comforter or the sheet set. I'm hoping they have more in the back, because it all seemed to be selling quickly. Well, all but the T-shirts that only go up to size 5 toddler. If they were bigger, though, they'd be gone, too.

    32. Nice to see RT dropping a pony reference. I was expecting it in a comic or podcast, since they tend to be more random and have lower lead times. Seeing ponies in RvB would be awesome, but I hear the lead time is long, so it would be a while from them joining the herd to us seeing it. I completely missed the whatever was up with ponies in their minecraft videos, is there any way to find those?

      I'm still waiting for xkcd to drop a pony reference. I don't want to see it forced, but something subtle would be nice.

      And once again, I want that blanket. Confound you Target and your poor restocking!

    33. I just wanna say that us bronies on the RT site have a Friendship is Magic group. And we also have AH Pony icons :D

    34. Now more than ever, I wish I had TF2.

    35. Re: OP Image: That is indeed intended to be Nightmare Moon, and the bus in question has no formal title other than "Bedroom Hair Bus" or simply, "THE BUS".

      The image is based on a quickfic written here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wufYSdIemiiDnQypz5s9koc8dSzjqc6UxKiSKkpBU8o/edit?hl=en_GB


    37. "Ride on the [Friendship is] Magic School Bus!"

    38. It wasn't good that they dropped the pony reference because they were calling the streamers gay...

    39. @SajinZero I've seen those around. I think I actually saw a few in a comments section before I knew about FiM. Didn't realize what I was seeing at the time. Looking back, I may have seen Applebloom there as early as April, and I found the title pic for "The Sun's Song" floating around my HDD, away from the other ponies the other day, tagged as downloaded in early May (I didn't start turning into a pony till July), and I have no idea where it came from. Seems I've been exposed to ponies for longer than I thought...

    40. Yay the 6th of August is our meet-up!

    41. @Vsin

      For some reason, I totally read your comment in Vizzini's voice from the Princess Bride.

    42. I have a fellow bronie picking me up that blanket, and sending it to me!

    43. You know one of the Achievement Horse games had the tags Ponies Are Not The Same, before this just sayin.

    44. Ack... A bit of confusion there.

      I just saw (for the first time) the AppleJack Truck in with the Canterlot stuff. I'm pretty sure it's not part of it. Just customers being customers moving things around the store again.

    45. Now THAT'S a Celestia Blanket worth buying (She's NOT Pink)! :D

    46. Bonbon and Lyra are totally the best couple.

      And the roleplaying game seems fun. If only I had a group to do so with.

    47. Damn that pony is HOT Nathan Zachary's response: Whoa That's Hot! Professor whens this thing end i'm bouncin off the walls in here!
      Lol bon bon's face is like "just go with it"

    48. @Fly Amanita

      Hey brony! No worries, you can feel free to join the group so you'll know when we're planning our next Irvine meetup! :)

    49. HEY BRONIES!! About Dragon Nest, in the GERRANT server, we have a guild entitled "Bronies". Just PM Starstruckk (myself) or CuddlyPotato for an invite!

    50. >Says the SoCal meetup was organized by the MLP Trading Post
      >Was actually organized about a month ago through Rainbowdash.net and the corresponding Skype group.
      Can't make it to either meetup due to money, unfortunately. We're working on another I believe, but with a later date and somewhere closer to the beach probably.

    51. @Anonymous
      You know TF2 is free to play now, right?

    52. If The Irvine Meet was on the 5th there.. I could show up depending if I can get a 53 foot trailer wedged in the parking lot.

    53. @eaglehooves
      Couldn't have said any of that better myself.

    54. I don't do facebook but I will be doing Generosity Day! I already have 20 cupcakes in Rarity's colours waiting in the freezer at work, along with a small white-chocolate cake, two mini (blind-bag size) Rarity figurines and a giant brushable Rarity in boots to give away. I also bought a tube of blue icing so I can write 'Generosity Day' or something on the cake. This is going to be so manly my (inexistant) chest-hairs are going to grow chest hairs!

    55. @sotha

      If people here are interested, I'd be willing to GM a PBEM/IRC/forum/whathaveyou game.

      My email is bloodyvikings.nospam@gmail.com if anyone cares for the idea...

    56. @Anonymous

      Well, you're only half right. The Meetup.com group was founded by some fellas from RDN, but this specific meetup was entirely planned by MLPTP members. If the RDN group had planned anything in the OC, I would have been happy to attend!

      I figured it bore mentioning, since people might assume it's all bronies if I didn't specify. :) I hope to see many more SoCal meetups!

    57. Nightmare Moon is Anthy, Twilight is Utena!

    58. My friend and I finally found the Canterlot throw at Target after checking half the stores in the greater Phoenix area. The display looked like it had just been put up today so my recommendation is to give it a couple days and look in the toy department. They are really out there!

    59. Oh... and it makes my bed look 20% cooler!!!!!