• Nightly Roundup #67

    I had a sudden realization earlier while watching a Rarity PMV.  These ponies are... ponies. 

    On to the news!

    Rainbow Dash "No Pants" Commercial

    Because Rainbow Dash doesn't wear pants.

    Equestria Tales Website

    A few days ago I posted about a cell shaded RPG/platformer hybrid called Equestria Tales. The guy behind the project has set up a website for it. You can find it here!

    Non-Competative Brony Gaming Site

    For those of you looking to hook up with other pony obsessed fiends and play video games, a new site has popped up for you. It can be found here!

    Giant Chalk Rarity

    She looks...so...HAPPY

    Target 1$ Pony Stuff now 75% Off At Some Locations

    Enterprize recently hit up a nearby Target and was amazed to find all of the miscellanneous pony merch items that used to be a buck each all drop 25 cents a pop.  That's pretty crazy considering what you get for it. 

    I was going to check a nearby target, but ran out of time today.  I'm bot sure how widespread this is. 

    Beatles PMV Youtube Channel 

    These crazy fans are PMV'ing pretty much every good album/song available from the Beatles Discography. 

    You can find it here!

    Pony Pillow Quest

    Someone recently ran all over their town looking for the Toys R' Us Pony pillows.  For those of you also hunting these down, maybe his insights can assist you? Have a link!

    Now if only they would release show accurate jumbo pony plushies... That would be way cooler as a pillow.

    Daniel Ingram's Reaction to the Season One Chord Book

    Well.. at least they came close!

    Maybe this is a sign that we will get a real official one soon?

    Rainbow Dash Collage

    This thing is badass! 

    Baltimore Comic Con Meetup

    Have some Copypaste!

    Brony Meet @ Baltimore Comic-Con

    Location: Baltimore Convention Center

    Saturday, August 20, 2011, 1:00 PM

    Contact: George - [email protected] or Meetup event page

    Website: http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-DC/events/27861331/

    Additional Information: Making Baltimore Comic-Con 20% cooler in 10 Seconds flat!

    Rainbow Dash Cake

    Where do people keep finding those squiggly candles?

    Ebay/Merch Mall Updates
    Freakin Cute Designs (Pony Cutie Mark Pillows)
    Doctor Whoof Ornament
    Derpy Hooves Ornament
    Cupcakes Sweetie Belle

    Equestria Daily News

    Celestia Day!

    I just beat that Super Mario 2 Mod earlier.  The end makes it really feel like a pony game, he did a great job with the final cut scene animation.  I hope Hasbro at least tries to make something compelling for us in that department when the time comes. 

    Update Queue
    (I am really tired, and this takes forever, so I'm going to skip tonight! Sorry :x

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