• Story: Ghost in the Window

    [Normal] [Sad] "...Post [it] with the hoof of an angry Celestia" - Pre-reader # 340,722
    Sounds like a ringing endorsement to me! Have fun, Rarity fans!

    Silent Rainboom

    Description:Rarity gets a fateful letter in the mail from Hoity Toity, offering her a job at the most famous boutique in all of Equestria making dresses for none other than Princess Celestia herself. She moves to Canterlot in pursuit of her dream come true. But could this once-in-a-lifetime chance be the biggest mistake Rarity has ever made?

    Ghost in the Window: Chapter 1

    Ghost in the Window: Chapter 2

    Additional Tags:
    Fashion, Canterlot, Betrayal, Broken Dreams

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