• National Pony Writing Month Update

    The guy running National Pony Writing Month wants to address some concerns about the event as a whole.  Have some copy paste after the break!

    Hi everypony, Siraj/Noble Cause again.  Seeing the reaction last night to this event, I thought I'd pop up and assuage some worries.  For starters, the 50,000 word 'goal' is just that, but it's by no means a minimum length.  If you start to write, and you find your story only totals out to 33,784 words, or 15,000, or 24,500, that's just fine too.  As a veteran of National Novel Writing Month in November since 1999, I'd like to say I've never "won" in all the years I've participated.
         That being said, I want to make abundantly clear that this event is purely for fun.  Some folks wanting to get in on this were wondering if there were criteria, or that the 50,000 was 'needed' to win.  The only thing I 'require' by the end of this is just that you let me know you're interested, and to stop at midnight local time on September 30th, send me your currently completed work and official word count.  I intend to have a round up at the end of this mess (after I regain my sanity) and list everypony that's participated, their story titles and word count, and a link to their work for everypony to appreciate (if the writer would like that, of course).

         One other thing.  I notice that some are upset by me running this event in the first place.  I never meant to ruin any other events, or step on any hooves.  For that, I am very sorry.  There are some worried about the lack of lead time here.  I want to apologize for that personally.  Real Life rather nuked me recently, and with the announcement of season 2, the plans for this event got buried until now.  That's my doing.  However, I want to stress that I'm not forcing anypony to participate.  This is meant for pure fun and enjoyment, to get ponies that may have never written before to give things a try.

         I hope that this all helps settle some questions, and lays fears to rest.

         Good luck, and happy writing!

         - Noble Cause

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