• Writing Training Ground Week 5 Complete!

    Have some copy paste!

    Theme: Write about a Pony Holiday
    # Submissions: 25

    Week 7 theme:

    Write a story inspired by a song.

    Have some rules/suggestions after the break!

    Make sure your submission has the following in the DA description:
    1. Tags (Normal, Shipping, etc)
    2. Description of the Story
    3. A link to the song you used! Even if it's just the band's homepage.

    :iconkitsuneymg:'s recs:
    [Normal] Alive by POD [link]
    [Shipping] I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace[link]
    [Comedy] My Evil Plan to Save the Word by Five Iron Frenzy[link]
    [Sad] Who Wants to Live Forever? by Queen [link]
    [Grimdark] Mutakraskish by Dethklok [link]
    [Random] It's the End of the World as We Know It by REM [link]
    [Crossover] Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton [link]

    :iconebonmane:'s recs:
    [Normal] Wasted Hours by Arcade Fire [link]
    [Shipping] All of The Lights by Kanye West (SEIZURE WARNING)[link]
    [Comedy] Neurotica by King Crimson [link]
    [Sad] Wake by The Antlers [link] (Bonus points for listening to the Hospice album all the way through without wanting to cry)
    [Grimdark] The Gardner by The Tallest Man on Earth [link]
    [Random] They’re coming to take me away by Napoleon XIV[link]
    [Crossover] Captain Planet Credit Theme [link]

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