• Comic: My Little Damn Ponies

    Soooooo... anypony here watch Firefly? Anypony a Joss Whedon fan? Those of you who raised your hooves just caused me to flashback to a concert held in a convention I attended a couple years ago where a singer asked the crowd that very same question. I think there were something like 1,500 people in that room at the time, and I'll be darned if I could find a single one of them who didn't have their arm high in the air... except for me. And peer pressure had that sucker up there maybe a second later. I've never been more scared for my life at a gaming convention than I was right then.

    Now don't get me wrong, Firefly's a wonderful show and this is a beautiful comic and you should all enjoy it. But if I don't tell you amusing anecdotes relating to what I'm posting, you might as well replace me with a robot. At least until they work out the amusing anecdote algorithm, and then I'm screwed. Anyway, dig in!

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