• Brony Appreciation Day: Musical Compilation!

    Seth put me in charge of the music for today's very special proceedings. That means you get to look at Lyra, because she is a musical pony and also it is very hot today and that juice looks amazing. Fat free, even. Anyway, music.

    This post serves as a compilation for all the videos we're being sent for Brony Appreciation Day, hereafter known as The Best Holiday in the History of Ever. We'll be updating this spot throughout the day with all sorts of neat stuff as we get more of it (I hope!), so be sure to keep checking in. Our first offerings are nothing short of fantabulous. Check it out after the break!

    DerpyHooves: It's Brony Day

    NGRForce: Friendship is Magic - Brony Appreciation Medley

    Yardovich: MLP:FiM - Derezzed

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