• Daniel Ingram/Ashleigh Ball Brony Meetups!

    A few days ago I posted the quick writeup about Bejoty's encounter with Hey Ocean singer Ashleigh Ball (The voice for both Rainbow Dash and Applejack).  

    This is the compiled part two of that! Complete with videos and some pictures to go along with it, as well as a meetup with Daniel Ingram himself! You can find the entire copy paste after the break!

    Last weekend I went with some buddies of mine to Vancouver, BC to see a live performance of the local band Hey Ocean! If this doesn't ring any bells yet, one of the band's members, Ashleigh Ball, is the voice performer for both Rainbow Dash and Applejack. I booked the plans weeks ago for the sole purpose of seeing this awesome band live, but the weekend evolved much past that. After accumulating a handful of friends up for the trip (including the forever awesome BronyMike -- see his account of the final night's events here), our plans quickly turned much more.. pony focused.

    Since hearing about the Canada-exclusive Pony Lunchbag, one of our stops had to be to the local Zellers. Alas, they had not yet received the merchandice, and almost all their FiM merch was out of stock (looks like they DO love their own show up there).. We bought their last remaining Applejack and were on our way.

    Sunday morning was a bit of a treat. After a bit of spontaneous schedule-mashing, my group met up with Daniel Ingram at a Starbucks down in Kitsilano. As you would probably expect, he was a blast to talk to and really loves the community and everything we have accomplished. The man really puts his heart and soul into his work, and deserves all your love and praise! Brony Appreciation Day is just as much about us appreciating the people who make this show possible as it is them acknowledging the amazing community that sprung from it, am I right? He gave to me a copy of the music chart for Pinkie's "Laughter Song," and I to him one of my last Rainbow Dash cutie mark pins, and after a short hour, we parted ways.

    Sunday night approached, as did the event that got us all to travel up from Seattle in the first place. As we prepared to journey over to Stanley Park, I pulled my guitar out and ran through a couple quick FiM tracks. We packed light and walked to our place in the park. The show was really incredible. Not a lot of live performances give artists justice, but this was definitely their element. If you ever get the chance to check out Hey Ocean! in concert, I heavily recommend you do so!

    Okay, enough teasing. You might have heard I got footage of Ashleigh Ball and her message to the community, so here it is!

    Overall I'd say it was a pretty epic weekend.

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