• Nightly Roundup #37

    Extremely short edition!

    Not much side news.  Pretty much all of it got absorbed into the Brony Day event post.

    We Love Fine Adds Male Brony Shirts!

    Over at Welovefine.com, they just dropped a whole bunch of new stock, this time finally including male sizes. I have to admit, their designs are definitely improving.  Still waiting on that Trixie shirt though!  DJ Pon-3 is available.. but my favorite little smug ass magician remains to be seen.

    You can find their new set here!

    The Phoenix Reports on Bronies

    Another news organization has done a small report on us.  This one primarily focuses on the My Little Pony Convention over in Rhode Island.  It sounds like they expected more of us to bombard them with brondydom, but that was pretty out of the way!  I heard it was filled with g1 stuff anyway. 

    You can find the article here

    Brony URL Shortener

    For all those twitter fiends out there, a new URL shortener is available.  Seems like it's working pretty good! (http://oat.nu/rixie). You can find the link here!

    Camaraderie is Supernatural Looking for Female Voice Actors

    The people running the Abridged Series, "Camaraderie is Supernatural", need a few new voice actors to fill out their cast for future episodes.

    Tey currently need the following characters:

    Sweetie Belle
    Silver Spoon
    Diamond Tiara
    Cheerilee (The best earth pony, just sayin, SO HAPPY)

    You can find their forum post here!

    International Friendship Day Gift Exchange ending on the 18th.  

    For those of you looking to swap gifts with your fellow bronies, the final day to participate is the up and coming 18th of July.  If you are interested in joining in, or just want to read up on the rules, you can find the forum post here!

    Equestria Daily News

    Happy Brony Day!  Now go brush some pony hair.

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here