• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 11

    I'm a puppeteer edition. I'm not going to be able to type much today, because I need to spend this time icing my poor little hoof, which I burned on the stove trying to cook a late night snack for myself. Words are agony. Efficiency of words, go go go! A veritable explosion of ponies! 275 cosplayers attended tonight's convention.

    Daily reminder of the submission guidelines. Send questions or entries in case of script failure to [email protected] Don't stop being awesome, ever. Keep drawing, keep having fun. You're the best students a blogprincess could ask for.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony involved in a rope trick. Rodeos, magic shows, and... um... other things rule this day. You score bonus points if the pony of your choice botches the trick. You gain triple points if it's a pegasus, as figuring out the impact of rope caught on wing is the most complicated visual among those possible. At least, I think so. Secret quadruple bonus points if you figure out exactly what I'm hoping to see.
    A lot of points on the line tonight, and who knows what you might be able to redeem them for come the end of June?

    Some of you were very excited for today, and very very zelous: multiple artists submitted multiple entries. This is fine. In fact, it's awesome. If you can draw more than one pony in a day that fits the theme, then I'm happy to feature them. That said, I decided to limit the number I'll take from any one artist to three. If you send more than that, I'm just going to pick my favorites and axe the rest. This was a very fun day, and I had a lot of fun trying to figure out what all of you were referencing. I got a bunch of it, but a few of you were beyond my scope. Great stuff! Step through the door to another world..

    1) By DiZaster321

    2) By ProjectFreeism

    3) By alan moore pony (I think Alan Moore would kill me for posting this.)

    4) By Damian Foxx

    5) By Saphin (Game of Thronies)

    6) By Dr. Weird

    7) By Makkon (Disguising the box is really that extra touch you need to get through a base undetected)

    8) By Anakah

    9) By Ethrx

    10) By Inspiration

    11) By Thanqol

    12) By zomgitsalaura

    13) By DJ Rainbow Dash

    14) By Alasdair

    15) By PandaRoux (This makes terrifying amounts of sense.)

    16) By Lucky Charm

    17) By blindferret

    18) By Tarynsgate (My special talent is being cannon fodder, dood!)

    19) By Fallin' Winter

    20) By Gare

    21) By Silent Oink

    22) By Partition

    23) By unclesnail (Heero Yuy is not amused.)

    24) By LoomX

    25) By FrostV952

    26) By Emerald Dust

    27) By ChaosDrop

    28) By Gig

    29) By c0sm0

    30) By Mellowbloom

    31) By Kjh242

    32) By Jimbo1023

    33) By Kyouhen (Count this among the things I was honestly never expecting to see.)

    34) By DI-FL

    35) By James Lyons

    36) By Hamcha

    37) By A. Bernard

    38) By Zu Kraze

    39) By Apostle_of_Hatsune (Holding out for Black Rock Shooter pony.)

    40) By Mooke

    41) By Quint-t-W

    42) By FoxOfWar

    43) By Sharix (Fact: There are no good ways to make a Nausicaa joke that don't involve wind.)

    44) By Blu

    45) By Nullh

    46) By Sherlock Hooves

    47) By Spark

    48) By Kitsune

    49) By Lorina

    50) By m00finsan

    51) By Atlur

    52) By Supersheep64 (Rarity looks really freaked out by this.)

    53) By Tabs

    54) By Tabs

    55) By Supersheep64

    56) By nanapuff (I know that you're out there, and I'm waiting for you~!)

    57) By Triggy J

    58) By Knightly

    59) By MHPayne

    60) By Invidlord (Trixie paid for this. Revenge for the Ursa thing, or is she just bad at pickup lines?)

    61) By Rydel

    62) By Copper Chloride

    63) By PinkamenaPie (Potentially the greatest movie ever.)

    64) By Farvei (I know people who will be thrilled to see this.)

    65) By Cammy

    66) By Interrobang Pie

    67) By Fetchbeer (Swordfighting is a little like making love. It's not always what you do, but what you say.)

    68) By misnamed

    69) By Philith

    70) By Zumi10

    71) By Smock (Let the Okami barrage begin!)

    72) By Ori (Applebloom makes a terrible Necro. I'm just sayin'.)

    73) By Omega RKB

    74) By Ricky

    75) By RDash

    76) By Family Man

    77) By Mr.Paulsen (I dream of Derpy.)

    78) By Camouflage Gecko

    79) By Camouflage Gecko

    80) By Zee

    81) By Camouflage Gecko

    82) By Infinity (Weighted Companion Pony?)

    83) By kits

    84) By Mr. Wonko

    85) By Kitty Tail (This is the most best thing.)

    86) By asdfer

    87) By Lancer5317 (How come we never see pony mimigas?)

    88) By PenguinPlayer

    89) By Tabs

    90) By The Recliner

    91) By Nathan

    92) By Paintroller

    93) By DB

    94) By Mere Jump

    95) By T-Brony

    96) By unholyhen

    97) By Alasdair

    98) By NightGlow

    99) By Goggle Sparks

    100) By Kaiserin

    101) By Nido Media (EquestriaL: the final frontier.)

    102) By Quill

    103) By RaspleZS (Somehow it doesn't quite roll off the tongue in Japanese.)

    104) By Shiko

    105) By Circuit Mane

    106) By Chris (Looking mighty fine, Trix.)

    107) By Bravura (Cat punch!)

    108) By loz (Yay, Luna's coming back in three days!)

    109) By Jena-su (You're looking at this the wrong way, Cornet. Looking this cute, the prince will love you for sure! <3)

    110) By Dr. Trotson (Altogether unexpected.)

    111) By Cassy

    112) By Alipes (Flutterbrush Shywood, mighty pony.)

    113) By Doctor Whoof Fanatic

    114) By Fish0and0chips

    115) By Amehdaus

    116) By EssAeEm (This movie changes a lot if they're just confused about what line of toys they belong to.)

    117) By toonboy92484

    118) By Afentis

    119) By The Recliner

    120) By The Recliner

    121) By Lacrox

    122) By Jdan-S

    123) By ecmc1093

    124) By scio

    125) By [aero] (Time for a true display of skill!)

    126) By Ambrose (This reminds me, I need to watch Tangled again.)

    127) By Chriss

    128) By Moabite

    129) By Hawkeye92

    130) By Taco Bandit

    131) By al03480049

    132) By Jaimers

    133) By ClearSkies

    134) By Erthilo

    135) By Brongaar (Well gang, looks like we've got another party on our hands.)

    136) By Zork787 (Introducing the Lyra Buster.)

    137) By Miyajima (Woah, Asterix!)

    138) By rich-tea

    139) By Alleen

    140) By Latverian_Ponyfan_2993 (This terrifies me. And it should.)

    141) By Dragon Rage

    142) By MasterDufel

    143) By Ironhoof

    144) By VeoBandit

    145) By Roper

    146) By Rekkin

    147) By Pterosaur (O Celestia, O Mother To Us All...)

    148) By Zach (It took me 5 seconds to long to pick up on Fluttershy as Data.)

    149) By Foodles & haganbmj

    150) By Starlight Bolt

    151) By Facelessguru

    152) By purpletrauma (No. Freaking. Way. The Secret Island of Dr. Quandry? Somepony else *played* that!? o.o)

    153) By Tanman (Fight reaverbots, earn refractors.)

    154) By Trot Pilgrim

    155) By ToonNinja (That looks like it hurts. Zeeeeuuuuusss!)

    156) By Djrk16

    157) By Shockwave

    158) By Dangereaux

    159) By Nicolette

    160) By Coquette (The artist claims nopony will get this. Care to challenge?)

    161) By Relias

    162) By Eldictator

    163) By Hakys (This was inevitable.)

    164) By dhas (Haha, implied shipping.)

    165) By Luna (Bonus content!)

    166) By Frith

    167) By Spiritofthwwolf

    168) By MayJasmine (Add another to the list of unexpected references.)

    169) By The Obsessor (Wowzers!)

    170) By Schwa (Windfiiish!)

    171) By Tyler S.

    172) By McGack (I can't believe I didn't think of this.)

    173) By Tarragon

    174) By Landmine

    175) By Tenchi Outsuno (She's going to save Princess Bon Bon, and look adorable while she's at it.)

    176) By Eeful

    177) By Andï

    178) By Konig

    179) By Lunar Apologist

    180) By Philomena Lord

    181) By SiuiS (Darkstalkers, whee!)

    182) By Lolstaz

    183) By Kentora (This is a very nice blend of the visual styles of both shows. Great job!)

    184) By Illumina

    185) By SuperSachio

    186) By MasterofRoku (I have... no idea how that works with hooves.)

    187) By AlterForm

    188) By PinkiePied

    189) By Neoridgeback

    190) By Riokenn (Where's Derpy? D=)

    191) By Virga Rainboom

    192) By uno

    193) By rkr7 (Someday I will play The World Ends With You, and not just listen to the soundtrack.)

    194) By Mockingbird

    195) By Alexstrazsa (Pinkamune Date likes to par-tay.)

    196) By Ginzaa

    197) By Sapphire

    198) By Condor

    199) By Immersa (This pony dedicated to Mistal.)

    200) By Leaf Growth

    201) By 8ftmetalhead

    202) By Buddy Vox

    203) By Doombah

    204) By BronyQuest (Friendship never changes.)

    205) By Natry

    206) By StabiCon

    207) By Starlite

    208) By Filiecs

    209) By Chromadancer

    210) By Jadice

    211) By Shiver

    212) By Fox E: (That's just fantastic.)

    213) By badzerg

    214) By Lucky Sanity (Ooh, makeup art! I love makeup art!)

    215) By Cinnabun

    216) By Ego (Kamen Rider W ponies, plus one guest.)

    217) By Leafette

    218) By Windfall

    219) By Doc Steedly

    220) By cartoonlion

    221) By Eliwood10

    222) By Kt Kat (Hm. Does this mean he didn't have a cutie mark until after going to wizarding school?)

    223) By PVRyohei

    224) By Da Chi

    225) By Kooldude (186 entries later, still holding out for Black Rock Shooter.)

    226) By redcladhero

    227) By Kooldude

    228) By Kooldude

    229) By Uncle Leo

    230) By Thattagen (But you're a pony!)

    231) By Kelz

    232) By Yomandude

    233) By Drilltooth

    234) By Prismatic Pretzel

    235) By Foxdeimos (This game always reminds me of my best friend. It's been a long time since I've seen him...)

    236) By Arion

    237) By auiumn

    238) By Krys (That's a big freaking keyblade.)

    239) By K9saurus

    240) By Alleydodger

    241) By Muffinsforever

    242) By Liska

    243) By TapeDiggity (I can't come up with a good Alan Wake pun. Take this copout instead.)

    244) By StarStep

    245) By A Terrible Person (Who's a silly pony?)

    246) By TopoCruz

    247) By Falgaia (From Yari's Synch!)

    248) By nuclearsuplexattack

    249) By Volatile Shrapnel

    250) By MetalPandora (Wow, this is... beautiful. I don't even want to make a Bluecat joke.)

    251) By JAPB

    252) By djTeka

    253) By Periphery

    254) By Croop

    255) By DJ RBDash

    256) By Doc New!Filly

    257) By HTML_Earth

    258) By Krister

    259) By monotreme

    260) By Opalwhisker

    261) By Ossala

    262) By Sashley

    263) By Sashley

    264) By StarSongPony

    265) By Velosareon

    266) By Why485

    267) By Aeiou

    268) By Madtaz64

    269) By Avohkah Tamer

    270) By Magnet

    271) By Spurs

    272) By Xiagu

    273) By Lykan

    274) By Wisdom Thumbs

    275) By Mistal

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