• Poll Results: What Episode Turned You Into A Brony

    I guess that isn't too surprising.

    Twenty of you sure did join the party late!  Welcome to the club!

    I can see how Party of One converted 76, that episode was pure awesome. 

    This next poll was requested by someone over on Ponychan.  Apparently there is a huge debate going on about Trixie's innocence in Boast Busters.

    Some things to point out about the episode that should supplement it:
    • As a Traveling Entertainer, it is technically her job to boast her abilities.
    • Rainbow Dash started it with her "magic smagic, boooo". 
    • The Ursa Major wasn't actually her fault, though boasting about defeating one was probably overboard
    • Trixie was still an asshole to everyone even after the magic show. 
    • She did at least try to defeat the ursa!
    So this is where the topic stands.  You can find the poll on the right sidebar as usual. 

    Try to keep the Trixie comments for the actual Trixie poll post!

    Inb4 I accepted this poll because Trixie is the greatest equine that ever lived.

    ^Update^ Added Snips and Snails! Go vote again! 

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here