• Big Lots No Longer Carrying Molded Singles?

    Brony Lindsay recently visited two nearby Big Lots stores that previously carried the molded two inch single pony sets (Rarity/Dash/Pinkie/Twilight), and apparently was greeted by empty shelves at both.  It sounds like they aren't carrying them anymore.

    I am not 100% proficient in the way Big Lots handles merchandise (I only ever stepped foot in two of them when searching for these damn molded singles!) but they could have just held a temporary stock.

    As far as I know, it was the only place in the USA with these toys outside of ridiculously overpriced online retailers.

    Lets just hope Hasbro has plans to release more in the future or something!

    *Update* Looks like Meijer still has them! Sadly that's not a very common store here!

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