• Story: All That Shimmers

    [Normal] Giant story time! Hope you didn't have plans tonight.

    It's actually part of the "Challenges of Love" arc , but I didn't realize it until I was done with this post! It's long enough to stand on it's own anyway!

    Author: Mario Rodgers
    Description: Twilight Sparkle makes the discovery of a lifetime while out observing stars, one that she feels will change ponykind for the better. But will her pursuits drive a wedge between her and her friends? Meanwhile, a strange new pegasus enters the lives of everypony, and things get turned upside-down.
    All That Shimmers Part 1
    All That Shimmers Part 2
    All That Shimmers Part 3
    All That Shimmers Part 4
    All That Shimmers Part 5
    All That Shimmers Part 6

    Additional Tags: prelude, science-ish stuff, drama, other worlds, friendship stress

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