• Daniel Ingram Visits the IRC!

    I am completely out of scratch images, so have some recycle.

    Anyway, Daniel Ingram visited the IRC a few days ago, and someone captured the entire log file of it.   There are some interesting behind the scenes tidbits buried within, so it might be worth checking out!

    One interesting part was the possibility (Or hope at least) of a re-recording of the CMC Rock ballad song if they ever release a CD, without the forced badness.  Apparently all three of the CMC voice actors are excellent singers.

    You can find it all below the break copy pasted, or in this mediafire file.

     *    Dannyimusic has joined #mylittlepony
    <Pokebis>        Wait
    <Pokebis>        Guys
    <Pokebis>        I think this is Daniel Ingram
    <Pokebis>        Please maintain a professional mannerism
    <Dannyimusic>    haha hey Pokebis
    <Pokebis>        Now you have to confirm it's you :p
    <Dannyimusic>    Sethisto at equestriadaily just sent me this link.. had to check it out
    <Pokebis>        sethisto said he gave Mr. Ingram IRC info, but the internet is liable to trolls
    <Pokebis>        lol this always happens when someone cool comes into an IRC
    <Dannyimusic>    lol.. it does yeah. And thanks for suggesting I'm cool ;P
    <Pokebis>        But if you are the real Mr. Ingram it truly is a pleasure speaking to you
    <Dannyimusic>    Thanks! I'm procrastinating and SHOULD be working... but had to see what this is about
    <Pokebis>        Well, how familiar are you with the term "IRC?"
    <Dannyimusic>    Internet Relay Chat?
    <Pokebis>        Yeah
    <Dannyimusic>    I remember it from the old days
    <PK>        Dannyimusic: Assuming you are actually Mr. Ingram, it's a pleasure to meet you! I love your music!
    <Dannyimusic>    Thanks PK!
    <Pokebis>        Basically this is just a place where some of us hang out
    <PK>        Yup, we just hang out here and talk about ponies!
    <Dannyimusic>    This is an awesome fan base
    <PK>        It's a fun place.
    <Lios>        I'm with PK. Definitely a big fan.
    <Pokebis>        Lots of people here discuss fanfiction and other things that interest them
    <Dannyimusic>    ah nice..
    <rikuu>        If you are real i will crap my pants(as i am on the toilet now)
    <Dannyimusic>    LOL rikuu
    <rikuu>        :P
    <Danfish77>    Rikuu, please refrain from soiling yourself or anything else
    <Dannyimusic>    Do you think the enthusiasm will wane over the summer between seasons?
    <Danfish77>    Enthusiasm has to wane at least a little bit
    <PK>        Dannyimusic: I sure hope so. I know it will for me!
    <DCN>        NEVER!
    <Lios>        Only in the middle Dannyimusic
    <DCN>        The enthusiasm will only GROW!
    <Lios>        As soon as the new season nears though, people are gonna get excited
    <Dannyimusic>    yeah for sure. I'm doing one or two more interviews then laying low for the summer
    <Dannyimusic>    I'm just into it right now because I'm wrapping up the last of the songs for S2
    <PK>        Dannyimusic: I gotta ask. As a pianist, is there ever any chance we could see some sheet music?
    <rikuu>        in all seriousness though, your music is like, completely epic
    <Dannyimusic>    thanks rikuu! I'm working on always making it more epic haha
    <Dannyimusic>    Sadly I don't OWN any of the music I write. So I can't distrbute sheet music
    <PK>        That's what I was afrad of. :c
    <Pokebis>        Also, I was just talking about how Cupcakes would be one of the best songs evar if it was a bit longer
    <Dannyimusic>    Cupcakes? lol
    <Danfish77>    So, Dannyimusic- if you had to pick one of the songs you worked on from Season 1 to listen to endlessly from now until the time you die, cold and alone in a dungeon in the place Celestia banished you, which would you choose?
    <Dannyimusic>    Hmm..
    <Dannyimusic>    that's a good question Danfish...
    <Dannyimusic>    Um...
    <Dannyimusic>    well the only song from season 1 that I actually sit down with my guitar and sing from time to time is the Laughter Song
    <DCN>        Historically, I do not like songs in movies or TV. I like music with lyrics even less. However. I LOVE your songs. I look forward to them. "Art of the Dress" was what pushed me over. I find myself humming the tune to "Giggle at the Ghostie". You have introduced me to a world of music that I never thought possible. 
    <Dannyimusic>    It's produced very upbeat and poppy... but it actually makes a nice acoustic cover as well
    <Dannyimusic>    Damn DCN.. that's high praise! Thanks
    <DCN>        You deserved every word of it.
    <Dannyimusic>    I'm REALLY excited about what's in store for S2
    <Pokebis>        Careful not to spoil anything~
    <Kein>        you mean songs/tracks?
    <Dannyimusic>    No I cant give details
    <Dannyimusic>    of any kind .lol
    <DCN>        We don't want you to get in trouble.
    <Dannyimusic>    all non disclosure etc..
    <Pokebis>        When you're the one actually owning the content, though, you can spoil whenever you want
    <Dannyimusic>    exactly...
     <PK>        I don't think I'm doing a good enough job of letting you know how much I love your stuff, Dannyimusic. Your music- and the way it gets stuck in my head- has actually helped to rekindle my interest in music and the piano. Thank you for that!
    <Dannyimusic>    wow PK! That's really awesome... music is powerful stuff. I'm trying to take it to the next level every time, so hopefully you'll continue to feel that way!
    <Kein>        Dannyimusic: btw, Dan, why did you say that TopDraw working on all 24 episodes? As far I know from TopDraw they would be HAPPY to animate all of them but actually, they do only half-part. Other eps being done in Studio B.
    <Dannyimusic>    haha well to be honest I'm not totally aware of the animation process.. of course studio B does important scenes in every show, and does the animatics etc... but as far as I knew TopDraw has a hand in every ep
    <Dannyimusic>    but don't quote me on that.. I write the songs long before they go to animation
    <Pokebis>        I'm kind of curious, and excuse me if this has been asked already, but how did you discover this show has the fanbase it does?
    <Dannyimusic>    Pokebis.. I had a few fans emailing me, asking to get a fanpage up and feel the love
    <Dannyimusic>    I've always been "under the radar" on most shows, so decided I'd check it out... I'm also just stoked about the show so I like talking about it
    <PK>        Dannyimusic: Also! Something I've been wondering. What lead to the descision to parody Putting it Together in Art of the Dress and the song that At The Gala parodied that I can't remember right now? Inquiring mind(s) want to know!
    <DCN>        Would you mind if we used our collective powers to bring you "above" the radar?
    <Dannyimusic>    PK--- those decisions are made by the writers... so they come to me with the reference, and ask for somthing in that vein
    <Dannyimusic>    I try to go in a different direction with it though, and do something original still
    <PK>        Well, you did one hell of a job with 'em!
    <Dannyimusic>    Thanks!
    <Danfish77>    DCN, being above the radar would mean he would be susceptible to enemy fire!
    <Dannyimusic>    True Danfish.... True... I'm expecting a backlash any day now lol
    <rikuu>        oh my god, at the gala was great, but everyone can agree that RD had the best part
    <Dannyimusic>    yes Ashleigh Ball is killer
    <Dannyimusic>    I love recording with her,
    <Dannyimusic>    her part in at the Gala was the toughest part to sing too!
    <Dannyimusic>    that's a hard bit of melody lol
    <Pokebis>        One of my friends linked me to the Fish music video
    <Pokebis>        and I'm like "why did you link this to me"
    <Pokebis>        and he was like "It's Applejack"
    <Pokebis>        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8LbK0Bj_cw video in question
    <Dannyimusic>    HAHA yeah that's her!
    <PK>        Dannyimusic: you and eurobeat should team up to do a song at some point. Just sayin'
    <Dannyimusic>    Yeah I've been in communication with EurobeatBrony
    <DCN>        Oooh, that would make the world explode in all its awesomeness.
    <Dannyimusic>    I'm following his covers... who knows, maybe one day!
    <rikuu>        dannyimusic: so you helped the dude who made the 8-bit version of at the gala?
    <Dannyimusic>    haha not really... he sent me the preview and it was 95% perfect... I just told him the chords in the fanfare section before RD's solo.. .he had them a little off
    <Dannyimusic>    that dude is a great musician... he didn't need much help
    <DCN>        Oh! Should we call you "Mr. Ingram"?
    <Danfish77>    DCN, His title is "Your Most Serene and Epic Majesty, Sir Daniel Ingram Esquire"
    <Dannyimusic>    HAHAHA ... Danfish....that would be quite a title
    <Lios>        I just gotta say that it's beyond awesome to just be in the same IRC as you Daniel Ingram. Totally love your work, and I hope to one day become skilled enough at the guitar to cover it all flawlessly.
    <Dannyimusic>    Nhey Lios I would love to see that! I'm kinda hoping to see more acoustic covers on Youtube one day
    <PK>        Also, Dannyimusic: is it bad that I actually like the cutie mark crusaders rock opera
    <Dannyimusic>    Ugh
    <Dannyimusic>    Let me say something about the Cutie Mark Crusaders song...
    <Dannyimusic>    That was actually not a bad tune, although it was supposed to be a horrible parody of an 80's song... and they made me take those girls who are all great singers, and make them sing as badly as possibly
    <Dannyimusic>    Well I've recorded lots of songs with Scootaloo outside of this show, and she's a KILLEr singer
    <Dannyimusic>    she was SO upset we asked her to sing like that
    <Dannyimusic>    I"m thinking if they do a soundtrack I'd like to get them to sing it like I know they can
    <Dannyimusic>    Ok gang I"ll be back, but I really need to get dinner.
    *    Dannyimusic has quit (Quit: Page closed)

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