• Fanfic News...Again! (Added sci-fi)

    Sorry if these are starting to pop up too much! Especially for you non fic readers.   I just want fanfiction here to be as streamlined as possible!

    So here are some points after the break for those interested
    Comedy /Adventure /Sci Fi
    I'm adding these, I don't know why I didn't do it sooner.  If you have a fanfiction that should be classified as one of these, feel free to email me with TAG CHANGE in caps.  It may be a bit delayed, but I'll get around to it.  I'm a bit swamped right now!

    (I'm out of colors :x)

    Fan Fiction Length
    It has always been somewhat of a mystery when it comes to length for fanfiction here.  Over time, the requirements have increased, so it's difficult to give exact numbers.  Here is generally how it "currently" works (Subject to change, we were much more picky 3 months ago than now!)

    Multi-Part Stories->  These are bumped when new chapters/parts hit.  I have sent people off several times in the past few weeks for "more chapters".  Multi-part is primarily for long stuff. It's difficult to gauge how lengthy your story will be, but a general rule of thumb is at least create a good foundation.  A lone prologue or 1000 word chapter 1 will probably be sent back for more.

    One Shots-> These are allowed to be short, but not too short.  A good one shot can sit around 1500 words, though some can be a bit shorter.  If you really want to write 1000 word short stuff, go ahead and do 2-3 and send them as a compilation. 

    More Pre-readers!
    I'm taking a few more pre-readers! If you have had at least 3 stories submitted to the website with 4+ stars, feel free to send me an email.  Those that sent requests when it was closed are more than welcome to send another!

    Images Used
    I don't know where everyone got the idea that I don't use people's requested images! If you want a specific image for your story that hasn't already been used, feel free to ask for it!  Just make sure it's reasonable quality and not too tall. 

    New Fanfiction Archive
    One of my newbie programmer friends is building a new fanfic archive that will be at least 20% cooler, though I honestly like the current one.  Having everything on one page makes CTRL+F really easy, at least for me.

    The new one will be more like a traditional search, with categories, check boxes and filters.  No idea when this will be complete, but it should be soon enough.

    Until then, no one has complained about the current one, so hopefully you guys like it! I try to keep it as organized as possible.

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