• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 4

    calamari saved my life edition. Did you know I actually got to read things today? I even played some video games! Don't think for a second I would have given up if we hadn't found an alternate route, but after yesterday's low point I think I needed this helping hoof more than I realized. And you guys certainly provided a great stress test for the program today! I'm counting 286 Great and Powerful ponies. A lot more Trollestia than I would have expected, but hey. They don't call her the bestia for nothing.

    Here's your nightly reminder to send the next day's images in through this new super awesome program, explained here. If for some reason you just can't get it to work, don't worry about it and just e-mail it instead. I can handle a couple of extra manual uploads on the end easy peasy.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony eating fruit. These are art lessons, and this is your obligatory foray into still lifes, except that there are also ponies. Or maybe I just need an excuse to explain why the phrase "Two dollar whole banana" is hilarious. That will make sense tomorrow, I promise.

    On a personal note, I wanted to say thank you to everypony who sent along their well wishes along with their submissions. I even had a couple of people e-mail me for no other reason than to tell me thank you and offer their condolences after the death of my cat yesterday. I'm still having some difficulties with that, but I am feeling infinitely better than I was 24 hours ago, due in no small part to all of you. Stay awesome, bronies. Oh, and on a slightly more upbeat note - I keep getting messages as a result of this event addressing me with, "Dear Princess Phoe". And every time I see it I giggle and clap like a six year old girl who just found out she's being taken out for ice cream. This is what you do to me. And I think that's enough embarrassing revelations for now. The Show Must Go On!

    1) By Tenchi Outsuno

    2) By Sage Leaf

    3) By Anakah

    4) By Lacrox

    5) By Thanqol

    6) By midnight shadow

    7) By Fish0and0chips (What is it? I must know!!)

    8) By Latte

    9) By Milk (Digging the power level on that card.)

    10) By ChaosDrop

    11) By RainbowRash

    12) By Petal Burst

    13) By FrostV952

    14) By Mr. Wonko

    15) By PandaRoux

    16) By Hamcha

    17) By Zu Kraze

    18) By Fallin' Winter (Seth, you're not allowed to send him to the moon.)

    19) By Silent Oink

    20) By nanapuff

    21) By Shiver

    22) By Wontorres

    23) By Silent Oink

    24) By G-Rocks

    25) By Konig

    26) By Volatile Shrapnel

    27) By Kitty Tail

    28) By Twilight360

    29) By Doc New!FillySAOwk

    30) By Nullh

    31) By Jimbo1023

    32) By Laetificat

    33) By Ash (Longbow) (Great and Tonic? Gin and Trixie?)

    34) By Moongaze

    35) By TallTale

    36) By Captain British

    37) By Evergreen II

    38) By ShinePaw (I have no words. This is awesome.)

    39) By Nullh

    40) By Damian Foxx

    41) By Rai-dash (Now you... um... o.o)

    42) By FoxOfWar

    43) By Grue

    44) By Shiko

    45) By Cybie

    46) By Pony Stark

    47) By MrMichla

    48) By Niblic

    49) By Luna

    50) By Grim

    51) By Goggle Sparks

    52) By Smock

    53) By Blü

    54) By Axelsrose

    55) By Moabite

    56) By Lorina

    57) By Sherlock Hooves

    58) By Erthilo

    59) By TheWiseWolf

    60) By Noneko

    61) By Sneo

    62) By Partition (Oh CMC. When will it work for you?)

    63) By Mister Bristle

    64) By Dr. Trotson

    65) By PenguinPlayer

    66) By Tarynsgate

    67) By Invidlord

    68) By Dangereaux

    69) By Shockwave

    70) By Coat Rack

    71) By Spark

    72) By Whitney (Mein Gott...)

    73) By Pwny Pokes

    74) By ZAquanimus

    75) By unholyhen

    76) By Rydel

    77) By Arcani

    78) By Bananizen

    79) By blooblahbleeblehk

    80) By Easteu

    81) By Roper

    82) By StarStep

    83) By ClearSkies

    84) By Kooldude

    85) By Amehdaus

    86) By RexRoyale

    87) By Paintroller

    88) By ^Graff

    89) By Circuit Mane

    90) By redcladhero

    91) By Ori

    92) By SnarkyShark2010

    93) By Condor

    94) By EssAeEm (But... that's the best kind of narcissist...)

    95) By Quantum

    96) By Nicolette

    97) By Blueberry Muffin

    98) By Inspiration

    99) By Fickle

    100) By VeoBandit

    101) By Kelz

    102) By TallTale

    103) By KilobyteBrain

    104) By Zephire

    105) By Omega RKB

    106) By KiltGuyLeo

    107) By Menelven

    108) By Quill (My mind is blown.)

    109) By Mere Jump

    110) By Taco Bandit

    111) By Chromadancer

    112) By naektpov

    113) By Nido Media

    114) By Silent Echo

    115) By Flaskgarg

    116) By Kentora (Not a pony, but you'll all agree that's ok.)

    117) By Saphin

    118) By Dorca

    119) By Kaiser

    120) By Frith

    121) By Latverian_Ponyfan_2993

    122) By jablechien

    123) By rich-tea

    124) By Paavi0

    125) By Issy

    126) By Fabr0ny

    127) By Bravura

    128) By Philith

    129) By Haafiz

    130) By Relias

    131) By Game Broth

    132) By Uncle Leo

    133) By Tomto

    134) By Professor Basil

    135) By Darken_Skye

    136) By Tanman

    137) By ecmc1093

    138) By Starshine Dawn (I'm as surprised by this as she is.)

    139) By Natry

    140) By Ster Zetanee

    141) By Canadian Bacon

    142) By Pineapple Skitter

    143) By Afentis

    144) By sUiCiDaLn00b

    145) By toonboy92484

    146) By Misharra

    147) By jennytablina

    148) By PinkiePied

    149) By Lunawings

    150) By Squidbombed

    151) By jaayro

    152) By Andï

    153) By DiZaster321 (Look, Seth! Fanart!)

    154) By SirTopHat

    155) By kits

    156) By Windfall

    157) By Luna (Luna wishes to inform us she is not Lauren Faust.)

    158) By Doombah

    159) By Alleen

    160) By Chriss

    161) By Miguel

    162) By PonyLover

    163) By lolstaz

    164) By Chessie2003

    165) By Starlight Bolt

    166) By Drilltooth

    167) By Kitsune

    168) By Crowfall

    169) By ∞

    170) By Vines

    171) By Dragon Rage

    172) By Demoknis

    173) By scio (How can you be bad, Trixie? Look at that face!)

    174) By T-Brony

    175) By Adrian

    176) By DarthVader

    177) By Pun-Pun

    178) By Landmine

    179) By CrazyGamer6

    180) By Epona666

    181) By TopoCruz

    182) By Phantom G

    183) By Vega

    184) By Trot Pilgrim

    185) By auiumn

    186) By Atlur

    187) By Acoustic Brony

    188) By al03480049

    189) By Leaf Growth (Please imagine your favorite Megaman theme now.)

    190) By Portalsoup

    191) By Lucky

    192) By Hellkipz

    193) By SiuiS

    194) By Dutch

    195) By Crimson Risk

    196) By Prisma Pencil

    197) By Prismatic Pretzel

    198) By Sageling

    199) By Gear X. Machina

    200) By Tarragon

    201) By Gersh

    202) By Zachary (Such fabulosity!)

    203) By Rerann02 (I want to learn muffinmancy.)

    204) By Auburn Pixel

    205) By rkr7

    206) By Chance Witte

    207) By Entropy

    208) By New DCD

    209) By Illumina

    210) By HeatWave

    211) By Yuri

    212) By 4Tens

    213) By Hipposaurus

    214) By Fetchbeer

    215) By MasterofRoku

    216) By The Obsessor

    217) By Buddy Vox

    218) By DJ Rainbow Dash

    219) By Macon Mixx

    220) By Brongaar

    221) By Ven

    222) By Strawberry Spice

    223) By dillman502

    224) By Neoridgeback

    225) By IAreLemons

    226) By MetalPandora (And then my heart melted into goo.)

    227) By Kt Kat

    228) By Ribbon Override

    229) By Eeful

    230) By Immersa

    231) By Alipes

    232) By panda_instinct

    233) By aMongoose

    234) By MidwestBrony

    235) By GeeSee

    236) By Mini-Shot

    237) By Ekkosangen

    238) By Ergnon

    239) By A Terrible Person

    240) By Rainbow Flash

    241) By BlackYousa (Wh-what the...?)

    242) By AlterForm

    243) By Starlite (.... *hits replay*)

    244) By Riokenn

    245) By RaspleZS

    246) By Liska

    247) By Silverfang

    248) By ninjawarior

    249) By BronyQuest

    250) By axl1u

    251) By Kupwn (I have never had a scone before. I want one so badly.)

    252) By Da Chi

    253) By Spurs

    254) By Filiecs

    255) By nuclearsuplexattack

    256) By TapeDiggity

    257) By Pyrate

    258) By JanzyBrony

    259) By Thunderthorn (This artist offers his condolences to Seth for liking)

    260) By NightGlow

    261) By SuperStingray

    262) By djTeka

    263) By Duskfly

    264) By Spiritofthwwolf

    265) By 8ftmetalhead

    266) By Xiagu

    267) By Prozzak

    268) By Aeiou (She's never looked happier to be absurd.)

    269) By Avohkah Tamer

    270) By PVRyohei

    271) By Mockingbird

    272) By Display Name

    273) By DJ RBDash

    274) By Gage

    275) By kjh242

    276) By Lykan

    277) Muffinsforever

    278) By Paintsplash

    279) By PinkamenaPie (contrary to what you said, I think the random Lyra is amazing)

    280) By StarSongPony

    281) By Virga Horse

    282) By James Lyons

    283) By Periphery

    284) By DesFox

    285) By Thattagen

    286) By Jackolako

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