• Drawfriend Stuff #93

    Poketrainer Fluttershy Edition. I'm surprised there isn't any fanfiction about this yet, though we do have one with Rarity being shipped with Rapidash in review right now...

    Source 1

    Source 2

    Source 3

    Source 4

    Source 5

    Source 6

    Source 7
    Saucy Lyra

    Source 8

    Source 9

    Source 10-Megasweet

    Source 11

    Source 12

    Source 13

    Source 15 (Yes, I know I skipped 14, it moved to the bottom and became 30!)

    Source 16

    Source 17

    Source 18
    Saucy Trixie

    Source 19-From Progress

    Source 20

    Source 21

    Source 22

    Source23-(- -) Yes, that is 2 dashes. He has no DA

    Below this point is stuff from the "Draw a Pony in Trixie's uniform" event! I will be taking ~6 from each one.  I can't post all of the awesome ones, but these got the most praise in comments!

    Source 24 Kentora

    Source 25 Bravura

    Source 26 Starshine Dawn (Pegasus magic comes from the tail! That's why they are so fast!)

    Source 27 MetalPandora

    Source 28

    Source 29 ShinePaw

    Source 30

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here