• Massive Thank You Letter to Hasbro from Ponychan

    Over on Ponychan, a brony going by the name of Angelthebunny compiled 615+ brony thank you responses to Hasbro for both Equestria Girls and the Friendship is Magic in general. .  They asked me to forward it to the guy that sent me the video, so hopefully it reaches them!

    If not, here it is! It's a massive Google document, so give it some time to load if you want to read it yourself.

    Thank You Letter

    Hasbro really has been good to us so far.  Our videos remain on Youtube untouched, Derpy is a canon character, and now their new FiM commercial has an awesome shout-out for both DJ-P0n3 and Bronies as a whole.  

    If anyone from the team reads this site, I'd like to personally thank them for making the last eight months some of the most fun I have ever had on the internet!

    Now go make us some better toys! :p

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