• More Ridiculous Recolor Ponies

     Lyra? Luna?  Who would want lame ponies like them!  Lets release Flutterheart and Feathermay instead! 

    Have some more recolors for you all to get confused over.  These were actually found on a Chinese Website, so no telling if they will ever make their rounds to the USA.

    I am praying that some benevolent executive at Hasbro's toy division falls asleep on the job one day and sees a glorious vision of real background ponies from the actual show being sold to happy 24 year olds around the world. 

    Trixie! Luna!  Even Derpyhooves!  Everypony from Ponyville, and not some deviant art kids OC pony collection. 

    That would be the greatest day ever!

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