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    Auto Updates
    I discovered a feature buried in blogger while updating story posts!  I can schedule stuff to be posted at future times! This is good news considering how many stories I have in my email right now. 

    So today is testing day.  I have 4 stories set to post, 1 every hour from 4-7 PM pacific time.  I will be at work for 3 of those, so we will see how it goes! 

    Pre-Post Readers Needed
    Also if anyone (preferably authors who have done a few stories here) is in the mood to read stories/provide pre-post feedback, feel free to toss me an email on gmail.  I really don't want this place to turn into fanfiction.net. I try to contact authors if something is "off" about a story, but most of you never get back to me.  
    I think 13 pre-post readers is enough people for this! Thanks everyone!

    Length Requirements
    I am usually pretty lax on this.  I still haven't decided on an exact length for things...But story "series" are something that probably need to be tackled now. 

    I have sent emails to 3 of you for these stories: (Apple Bloom's Date, Everypony Loves Dash, Just Like Papa) Each of these is a promised "Series", meaning lots of update posts.  The quality is good, but they are really short.  Only Everypony Loves Dash has responded so far. 

    If you send me a planned series, include a few chapters.  Having to bump something 12 times is a bit overkill for the non-fic crowd.  An introduction is cool, but include an introduction+2 chapters or something.  I've enforced this a few times now, and it seems to work out well.

    Anyway this was way longer than I originally planned!

    Auto Story Posting
    Seeking Pre-Post Readers
    Length Requirements "Series" stories.

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