• Tabitha St. Germain- Now on Twitter

    Everyone in the world told me I needed to post this little bit of news, so I got out of bed to do it.

    Our favorite gravy boat is now on Twitter. You can find her @StTabitha.

  • Convention Compilation - February 10th

    Convention armada time! We have four of them sending in their news this time around.  Have some headlines:

    EQLA Registration, Hotel Rates, Livestreaming, and More!
    Cloudsdale Congress Party in the Clouds Album
    Ponycon AU Poetry Slam
    Trotcon - Musician Announcement

    And find the full releases after the break!

  • Story: Repercussions (Update Complete!)


    Author: Tony "GaryOak" Genovese
    Description: When Twilight Sparkle hits a wall in her research on Princess Celestia, a new face in Ponyville gives her the spark she needs to overcome it. But after his arrival, ominous events are set into motion. Soon, Twilight must choose her side in a conflict that will decide Equestria's fate.
    Repercussions (New Part 25!)

    Additional Tags: Tony "GaryOak" Genovese

  • Simple Animations: Chess / Tails VS Twilight / Fluttershy Found a Lexus LFA / Applejack Cannon

    I'm quite pleased with the number of animations created by the fandom nowadays. Back in the day we were happy when an original animated GIF popped up! Now we have tons of animations to pick from.

    Check on after the break for some simple animation goodness!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #712

    This weekend ushers in the Chinese New Year. I know quite a few people in my lab that are celebrating this weekend so this header is for all of you bringing in the New Year! Have fun!

    More artwork around the corner after the break.

    [1] Source
    Chinese Happy New Year!

    And new banner from SouthparkToaist!

  • Story Updates February 10th

    Story updates! Does Doctor Who like jellybeans? I forgot.

  • Release Dates for Toys R' Us Exclusives

    A blog going by the name of Rock Father was sent release dates for the Toys R' Us exclusives.  This includes the new Favorites Collection, separate large Nightmare Moon, and the Rainbow Dash Shadowbolts figurine. 

    All of them should be popping up around August

    Head on over here for more information. 

    Thanks to Candygram for the heads up! 
  • More Toy News - Plushes and Beanies and More!

    The toy news continues to pour forth as the day progresses! Pictures have arisen of a number of pony plushies that appear to be made by a plush company called Aurora. They don't look half bad! At least the muzzles along with manes and tails look acceptable I'd say.

    Not only that, but ToyWiz has placed Beanie Baby plush ponies up for pre-order, expecting a June release! Also, Funko which has produced the Vinyl Scratch figures for Hot Topic and the like are looking to produce ponies in their Funko POP! range of figures. You can check out all the merchandise after the break.

    Thanks to everyone who sent these in and thanks to StitchKingdom for getting the pony plushie pictures. Credit goes to xPrincessEmilyx who found the Funko photo from Vinylmation World.

  • Comic: Booty Call / Lest We Forget / Egghead / Shipping It

    Oh Spike, you're adorable when you misunderstand things.

    Yep, comic time. Click for full!

  • Music of the Day #62

    One night in a club called `The Shaking Hand',
    there was a forty-two decibel rocking band!
    And the music was good and the music was loud!
    And the singer turned and he said to the crowd -
    "Let there be rock!"

  • Spotlight PMV: BBBFF - Typography // Hanging On // My Little Wicked: What Is This Feeling? //

    Neverending maze!
    Drift on numbered days!
    Now your life is out of season!

    It's been a while since we've had a spotlight PMV post. Thanks, Obama.

    Today we have some Rarity and Applejack, some stop-motion typography, and one that makes some interesting use of chroma keying. Check em out, I dare you.

    1) MLP FiM: BBBFF - Typography (Stop Motion)
    2) PMV - Hanging On
    3) My Little Wicked: What Is This Feeling?

  • "Games Ponies Play": Episode Followup

    So who would've thought this was a Rainbow Dash episode? In all honestly, I could probably cut the followup here and leave people happy. Just until I remind them that this scene doesn't actually answer the question of whether or not Rainbow Dash is an orphan. Think about it.
    For my friends ready and raring to go with their copypasta, I ask you to pause and take a moment to contemplate this metaphor for the ceaseless passage of time: 

    For everyone else, let's get this followup started before they snap out of it. I'll even toss it beneath a break for y'all this time!
  • New Micro Series #1 Cover on iTunes

    I swear, that's the biggest version of the cover that I could find. The preview screenshots usually have a version of it, but not this time. If anyone can find a larger version I'll replace it.

    Got it, thanks!

    Regardless, the Micro Series #1 comic focusing on Twilight Sparkle has an iTunes-specific cover now. It's also up for pre-order, which you can check out here.

    Preview screenshots are after the break for the curious.

  • "Games Ponies Play" iTunes Audio Bug

    According to our illustrious army of news reporters- that's you guys- it has come to our attention that the iTunes version of Games Ponies Play has the same audio bug as Just for Sidekicks had last week, with tinny audio. No word on a fix, naturally, so avoid grabbing it until they remedy that.

    Cereal out.

  • New Toy Fair Pics!

    We recently received a plethora of Toy Fair pics that are not only higher resolution than the ones we posted earlier, but also give us a better rundown of the products being exhibited there. It's quite a spread which I will do my best to summarize below:

    Phone Cases
    Tons of New Blindbag Stuff
    Hair Color Kit (?)
    Color-in Luna
    Pony Nail Polish
    Ponies with Masks
    Lots of Random Merch
    Part of the new Castle Playset

    Overall, lots of stuff! Check out all the pictures after the break.

    Thanks to Christine for sending these in!

  • Good Morning!

    Morning (or afternoon and evening) everyone! Got some coffee and it's time for scheduling. Hope you all slept well!
  • Nightly Roundup #578

    I know a lot of us are feeling quite under the weather right now, what with all the recent news and the emotional whiplash it has caused a great number of people. I'm just one silly person, but I do believe in you guys and the community as a whole. We will face tough times, yes; some way tougher than others, but we still have each other! Don't let the events of the passing days divide us and cast us against one another, and take strength in the vast number of pony projects and creations that inundate the web every single day. As long as we maintain that enthusiasm and creative spark we've had since the early days, we'll keep marching on no matter what is in our way.

    News time guys, try and unwind a little after the break.