• Artist Training Ground - Family Reunion Edition

    Apples Apples Apples! I actually ate apples all weekend in honor of Saturday's episode.  They say that improves your ability to draw, but I'm pretty sure carrots are superior for that.  Not only are they pen shaped, but they improve the eyes!  Apples are still good though...

    Onward to the Apple Family Reunion training ground! We will be rolling with three prompts again this week similar to the last, choose one based on how much time you have/how far you are willing to go!  All are welcome! If you have something that can create an image and a piece of paper/napkin/sturdy leaf, then do it!  And feel free to rip the prompts to shreds.  The wackier the better.

    Tier 1:  Training Grounds Initiate
    Your pony is putting on their best outfit to impress the relatives at the upcoming family reunion!  Whether said family is a traveling circus or filled with high class snobs is up to you, just draw a pony dressed up!

    Tier 2:  Experienced Training Grounder
    The pony you drew in tier one is meeting up with a mysterious long lost relative.  Draw their first encounter! 

    Tier 3: Training Grounds Veteran
    The whole family is here! Uncles, aunts, grandchildren, pet monkeys in business suits! Draw the reunion!

    The strict deadline this week will be Wednesday 11:00 PM PST (Thursday 7:00 AM GMT), though late entries will be available until a bit later.  Your best bet is to not plan on being late, as it will close at any time after the deadline!

    Where do I submit?
    Head on over to this page and click "Drawing Training Ground - Family Reunion Edition", and fill in all the sections to submit. 

    If you need help with finding the URL of an image, head on down past the break for a tutorial on that, as well as a re-link of the drawing tutorials.  And if you want to check out last week's entries, hit up this link!

    Now off you go!

  • Discussion: Get any Pony Toys this Holiday Season?

    As the holiday season hits it's peak, I'm sure a bunch of us have either gotten ponies because we asked for them, or as a joke from our various friends/relatives (which usually equates to an older gen pony, for whatever reason). 

    So, if you ended up with pony merch, what did you get?  Did your friends hop on Ebay and pool money for that incredibly expensive Octavia plushie you have been drooling over? Or maybe you got a pile of normal brushables?

    Head on down past the break and drop your list!  Non-pony items welcome!
  • Flash: Hearths Warming Eve / Master Fancy Laid to Rest / Trixie's Most Wanted

    We have a couple of simple flash stuff this time around that have been sitting around for a bit.  Start with creepy, then have some Sleepyshy, and finish with Trixie being awesome.  Click for full!

  • Spotlight Music: Happy Xmas (War Is Over) / Raise This Barn - LIVE ACOUSTIC COVER / Revenants of Chaos "Stage 1: Ponyville"

    And if you don't like pony music, have a Luna.
    We start this one off with a collab between a whole bunch of artists on a non pony song! EQD breaking all the rules! So rebellious~

    And in the second and third slots, we have a Raise this Barn remix and instrumental track from the upcoming game Revenants of Chaos.  Check them out below!

    1.) Replacer - Happy Xmas (War Is Over) cover Ft. Feather
    2.) Raise This Barn - LIVE ACOUSTIC COVER by MandoPony
    3.) DasDeer - Revenants of Chaos "Stage 1: Ponyville"

  • Comic: Just a Thought in the Morning / Screwdriver / Doctor Whooves Christmas

    Having a nice Christmas day everyone? Hopefully you all have been able to spread some cheer and receive some in return. After all, it's meant to be a happy day, so it's best to make the most of it if you can!

    Comics coming at you. Click for full, additional parts to the Christmas Special comic can be found in the description.

  • Artistan Pony Crafts Compilation #8

    Just look at those faces! Ready for adventure and fun, you just can't put the CMC down. You go girls! Never give up!

    Ready for some excellent craftsmanship guys? Check it after the break.

    Source 1
    Cutiemark Quest!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #665

    We need a Discord header for various reasons, and this one fits perfectly with the day!

    Have some art!

    Source 1
    Discord's Little Helpers

  • Story Updates December 25th

    Story updates! Charge!
  • Double Rainboom Promo 04 + Trailer

    The Double Rainboom team has released a whole plethora of information on the project, and a one minute long preview to show off the official animation style they are going for.  Needless to say, it's awesome.  Head on down past the break to check it all out!

  • Comic: Snow Day on the Moon / Marry the Girl, Marry the Family / Sweet Apple Acres Tradition

    Egophiliac sure does know how to induce crippling heart attacks and exploding pancreases with her ever adorable art style. How can you look at Woona and not melt? I've had it scientifically tested and all subjects exposed to high doses of Woona have liquified (though it does make the lab a mess). 

    Anyhow, time for more comics! Click for full you guys.

  • Music: Lazy Winter's Day // Raise This Barn // Come Home Soon //

    Just in case you're browsing EQD on any of your new Christmas toys, here's some music to test it out with! One of each- instrumental, remix, and vocal. You know, just to be thorough.

    1) Lazy Winter's Day (ponyvile edition)
    2) Raise This Barn - The Unexpected MandoPony Cover
    3) Come Home Soon - By Joaftheloaf

  • PMV Collab: Pop Culture

    Apparently this first PMV is a collab between a few PMV makers, and you can tell! Some parts are a bit obnoxious ont he effects, while others roll with that awesome custom animation/typography thing.

    Find it below!

  • Keep Calm and Flutter On - Synopsis Revealed on Zap2it

    Twilight's Face when this Synopsis
    Just the other day, the Wii-U network released the title for Keep Calm and Flutter On.  It looks like the synopsis has popped up now, and assuming Zap2it isn't playing with us, it looks like it's going to surprise the hell out of most of you!

    Head on down past the break for it.  Again though, we don't have any actual TV listings popping up for it, so we can wait on 100% confirmation for now.  Until then, enjoy!

  • Untitled

    Derpy says it all. Happy Holidays everyone! Stay safe and have a lot of fun!
    -Happy Holidays from Calpain and the Rest of EqD-
  • Nightly Roundup #536

    I almost forgot how windy and cold Michigan can get during the winter! Thank goodness I brought some heavier clothing or I'd be freezing to death. Looks like Fluttershy and Twi have the right idea by bundling up as well.

    Hope you all are staying warm where you are or cool if you're one of our southern hemisphere friends. Check out the news after the break!