• Artist Training Grounds - Wonderbolts Academy Edition Submissions

    Genius!  Who said Applejack couldn't improvise in the short term?

    The first of many once-a-week drawing training grounds events has come to a close.  An armada of ponies of all species have been assembled for the Wonderbolt's air show, complete with more ridiculous contraptions than is ponyly possible.  Everything from glorious golden Steampunk wings (I secretly ran this entire thing for that purpose, don't tell anyone though) to gyrocpters are ushering in a new age for all of Equestria.   The once pegusai dominated skies have been opened to all!

    Hopefully you all learned a bit about the wonderful world of art with this little event here.   Hop in next Tuesday for round #2! 

    But what would this post be without a gallery? Jump on down past the break for all 350+ submissions!

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