• Albums: #365 / Apple EP / Bass Rocket EP / Nightmare in Ponyville

    Need a load of music for something? We have just the thing! Four albums can be found after the break, ranging everywhere from electronic to rap.  Click the covers to visit the store pages and sample the tracks on bandcamp!

    Now go fill up on music!

    Title: #365
    Musician: Koroshi-Ya
    Genre: Rap

    Description: This album is pretty much a continuation from where "Word Life" left off 6 months ago, this follows the 2nd half of my first year as a brony musician, contains such tracks as "Rainbow", a re-recorded "Fourth Wall", "Alone" and more. It's made free as a thank you to everyone who's helped me get where I am, everyone's who's tolerated & put up with me and everyone who's made being a brony musician so much fun.

    Title: Apple EP
    Musician: Baschfire
    Genre: Orchestral / Electronic

    Description: This EP combines Orchestral style writing, fused with Electronic Dance Music elements.

    Title: Bass Rocket EP
    Musician: Silva Hound

    Description: Featured guests include Tara Strong, Mic the Microphone, The Living Tombstone and more! :)


    Title: Nightmare in Ponyville
    Musician: Voodoopony

    Description: The genres range from hiphop, to house, to bigbeat, to jungle, to rock, etc. and maintain a consistent quality. The only song that is not pony related, entitled "Baturak" was originally a part of a charity album organized and composed by bronies called Seeds of Kindness, which helped raise money to build a hospital in Africa. Many songs are based on a character or theme as hinted by the tone and production style, for example, "Neon Cutie Mark" is about Twilight, "Stone Cold" is about Rarity, "Bringer of the Sun" is about Celestia, and so on. There is a bonus track that I produced with a friend of mine called Silva Hound.