• Nightly Roundup #531

    Can't decide what pony to use for the Roundup? Use a bunch of ponies of course! As an added bonus they're sleeping, so don't be too loud or you'll wake them and you don't want that do you?

    It's that time again for an assortment of fandom happenings! Check after the break to get the skinny.

    Training Grounds people: The submitter has re-opened due to an hour derp, go submit!

    More Minecraft Song Goodness!

    Babs Seed on Minecraft song blocks? Don't mind if I do!

    Toonzone Reviews Season One Box Set

    The huge animation hub Toonzone has just reviewed the Season One Box Set! For you guys out there wanting an in-depth analysis of the set or you just like reading reviews on pony things, take a look at the link below to satisfy your cravings.

    Toonzone Review

    Ponies Destined to Be?

    Fate is an interesting thing isn't it? Guess history knew the importance of the name Faust and it's connection with ponies well before our colorful equines even came to be!



    Hearth's Warming Eve Event on Plug.dj

    Copy Paste:

    On December 29th and 30th, from 3 PM to Midnight (EST), light up your ears with the fire of friendship and beautiful pony tunes at Plug. DJ’s Hearth’s Warming Eve event, located at http://plug.dj/friendshipismagic/

    Many of your favorite brony artists will be there! The artists will be playing their favorite songs, and give you a chance to discover hidden gems, as well as listen to classic brony tunes. And afterwards, we’ll be opening the booth up for everyone to play their favorite music. It's a heart and hearth warming event for all!

    Here's some info about the event, here's a video explaining plug and the FiM room, here's a list of artists confirmed for the event (including Yelling at Cats :D) 
    Let's Blind TC #1

    Copy Paste:
    Let's Blind: The Continuity is the sequel to the original Let's Blind, focusing on the 3rd season of MLP:FiM.
    The Let's Blind TC is a combination of "Live review", and "First-reaction commentary" about each new episode of MLP:FiM's 3rd season, using new, and better editing format, than the original had, adding new fun parts, more genuine reactions, and definitely more ponies!

    Follow me on Twitter @TKancsarProduct to receive information about future videos.

    Episode 1: The Crystal Empire part 1

    The MBS Show - Episode 43 (Interview With Assertive Fluttershy)

    Copy Paste:

    On Episode 42 of The MBS Show we have an awesome guest. He is a brony musician and is well known for his Happy Hardcore or UK Hardcore style of music. Recently he also was involved in charity event and we are here to talk to him about it. We are proud to bring you Alex Wong or better known as Assertive Fluttershy.

    You can listen to the interview and get the charity album in the link bellow.

    Pony 411 -- Episode 18: Better Late Than Never

    We said this episode would be a return to normalcy. We lied. But we're here, and that's all that matters. It's another episode of Pony 411, with Four String, Nemesis, and Artfan. This week, our main focus is on the new episode "Wonderbolt Academy," and features minimal gushing over Spitfire by Four String. Our discussion includes Rainbow Dash's growth as a character, Pinkie Pie's antics and what this episode may mean for the future of the series.

    Nemesis also got himself a copy of the MLP season 1 DVD, and he talks a bit about it. Find out whether it's worth the money and what he thought of the audio commentaries. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for more awesome pony content, and download the episode off iTunes or Libsyn.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Equestriacraft Race Festival

    Copy Paste:

    Ladies and gentleman, put on your racing helmet and gloves because it's time for the yearly Equestriacraft Race Festival!

    You may ask, What is the yearly Equestriacraft Race Festival? Well, Good that you ask jimmy. The yearly Equestriacraft Race Festival is a Festival where the community of Equestriacraft (You) Race against each other for the status of ''Best racer of the year'' The event is 3 day's long full of awesome music, DJs and sweet pig rides! Aw yeah.

    Digitalcat, The owner of Equestriacraft will be the main DJ for the festival supplying you guys with sweet music while you guys check out the awesome races and pig rides, he will also be supplying commentary for most sub events during the day.
    For more information go here:


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Nightmare Moon/Luna Sculpture (Must see!)
    Derpy Scarf

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